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Having a mentor is essential in any area of life. I can't think of something I've done or accomplished without the help of someone whose gone before me - a teacher, a coach, my parents, employers, coworkers, my brother, my friends - and the list goes on. The right mentor can provide advice and connections that will help you reach heights that would be impossible, overwhelming, or take forever alone.

In our careers we've had several mentors that helped us succeed in our first practice. It started with many of the foundational lessons we learned growing up with our parents, in school, and at our first jobs. We then continued learning through through jobs we had before attending chiropractic school and during. Rich worked for years in sales and marketing and I worked in sales, in a few chiropractic clinics, and at Cleveland Chiropractic University during graduate school to become a chiropractor. Working in these positions gave us the skills we needed to open and be successful in practice. We also met mentors that would help us take leaps in building and growing our practice. We're thankful for their guidance as we navigated the many of unknowns of not only starting a small business, but the intricacies of marketing, business operations, new patient care and treatment, motor vehicle accident procedures, insurance and billing procedures, and the list goes on.

Rich and I are thankful for the mentorship we've received. The value to us has been priceless, saving us heartache by helping us avoid costly mistakes, and saving us time by helping us figure out all of the policies and procedures of running our own chiropractic clinic. It's the reason we created the Lifestyle Practice Builders podcast for chiropractors, an the many other low cost resources for chiropractic startup, such as the ChiroPlanner, The Foundation, and the ROF System master course. These resources combined will help any chiropractor get up and running without the high cost and lengthy contract of joining a chiropractic management group. You don't need to waste money paying for the ra-ra of joining one of those groups or the babysitting they insist on to get you open. Our resources will help you set your individual goals for practice, give you a plan to open, and the mentoring you need to succeed. 

  • ChiroPlanner - A 100 day practice launch toolkit for Chiropractors. Plan your practice, design your days, and achieve your biggest goal! It's jam-packed with tools, tips, ideas, action steps, resources, and inspiring quotes from some of the top chiropractors and entrepreneurs in the world today. Think of it as your own personal mentor; inspiring you, answering your questions, helping you to set your goals, and advising you on the many unknowns of opening a practice. You'll also receive online assessments of your progress towards opening and a strategy call with one of us. Learn More!

  • The Foundation - A Business & Marketing Resource Library for Chiropractors wanting to start & grow their first practice! What's inside? Mindset & Habits, What to do Before you Find a Location, What to do After you Find a Location, Opening Resources, Insurance & Billing, Personal Assessments & Strategy Call, Private Facebook Group. Learn more!
  • The ROF System - The ROF Master Class will take you through six weeks of learning the same system we use in our practice to have near 100% compliance with treatment plans, a referral practice that builds itself, and the same awesome patients coming for years, to get the care they need! Learn More!

Some things to consider when choosing a mentor:

  • Are you ready for a mentor? Mentorship requires intentional investments of time and energy; you get what you put in. When you have a mentor, it's your job to define your goals, stay on task, reach out with questions, and get your work done.
  • Experienced perspectives are invaluable when you are first starting out. While mentorship can be valuable at any stage of a career, it's especially important in the beginning. You can benefit from the insights gained through years of experience--without having to spend years of trial and error yourself.

  • Be careful. When you seek out a mentor, to help with opening or growing your practice, make sure you know what you're paying for. Other programs may include paying a high cost to join with little or no follow through, advice for you to make more hefty purchases, lengthy contracts, out dated scripts and material, and cookie cutter processes that aren't tailored to the practice you envision for yourself.
  • What's the cost? Opening your practice is going to be expensive. Adding the hefty charge of a management group may make it impossible to open or continue practicing at a point. Make sure you have the money you need and the investment is going to payoff. There's no reason to work your tail off to have to pay a management company to babysit you. You're working hard to pay yourself!

  • Do the values of the program/mentor you invest in, have the same personal values as you? We would avoid groups that recommend selling large patient packages, using sales-y scripts, slimy sales tactics, and elaborate office spaces, expensive programs or equipment to get started. But that's us! 

If you are interested in working with us or utilizing one of our programs but have questions, then you can send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

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