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A 100 Day Practice Launch Toolkit for Chiropractors

Written by Richard Day, D.C. & Haley Day, D.C., hosts of the Chiro Business Mojo Podcast for Chiropractors

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How successful could you be if you had a resource that...

  • Clarified your vision
  • Helped you develop a plan
  • Saved you time, money, & heartache
  • Helped you be accountable
  • Gave you the systems needed to get started
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Plan your practice, design your days, and achieve your biggest goal!

It's jam-packed with tools, tips, ideas, action steps, resources, and inspiring quotes from some of the top chiropractors and entrepreneurs in the world today. Think of it as your own personal mentor; inspiring you, answering your questions, helping you to set your goals, and advising you on the many unknowns of opening a practice.

First, we cover the basics:


  • Mindset: Learn how successful athletes, entrepreneurs, and chiropractors think.
  • Time Management: Master and maximize efficient usage of your time. 
  • Habits: Develop and establish winning habits.
  • Planning: Take action your final year in school to hit the ground running when you graduate.



Then, We Develop a Vision and Set Goals:

  • Practice: Learn about your practice options and create a vision for the practice of your dreams.
  • Patients: Discover the "ideal patient" for your dream practice.
  • Goals: Set 1, 3, and 5 year goals for your business and life.


Next, We Go Step-by-Step Through the Process


  • Instructions: Key steps on forming a corporation, getting in insurance networks, getting licensed, getting funded, and more.
  • Marketing: Our giant list of LOW and NO COST marketing hacks will help you create the ultimate quick start marketing plan for your practice. 
  • Resources: We reached out to every state association and they answered our questions on practicing in their state. You'll also find an essential equipment list, marketing calendar, and more.



Then, the Planner Section Will Keep You on Track for 100 Days:

  • 30 Day Goals: Set goals for each 30 day period.
  • Morning: Track your morning routine, daily goals, essentials tasks, and reminders.
  • Evening: Review your accomplishments and plan for the next day.
  • 10 Days to Liftoff!: This is it! Plan your last minute "must do" tasks until opening day.
  • Inspiration: Sprinkled throughout these pages are inspirational quotes from some of the great thought leaders in our profession and beyond. 

🚀Launch and Beyond:


  • You Did It: Congratulations! You've done the hard work and opened your practice. You succeeded because you created a vision for practice and followed your plan, but what's next?
  • Now What?: We lay out a strategy for growing your practice beyond the first 100 days. This is your life and your career. Make them great!



The ChiroPlanner includes...

  • Powerful strategies you should be implementing your final year of school 
  • Worksheet for identifying and connecting with your ideal patient
  • Worksheet for developing a vision of your ideal practice
  • 1, 3, and 5 Year goal sheets for planning your journey
  • Critical steps you must take when preparing to open your practice
  • The power of accountability
  • The 14 Traits of a Successful Chiropractor 
  • Social media marketing tips


  • 100 day planner to document your progress and create your daily success blueprint
  • 100+ inspirational quotes and tips to keep you moving toward your goal 
  • Tips for moving beyond your first 100 days 
  • The 10 most common mistakes of new docs and how you can avoid making them
  • Marketing calendar that includes ideas for each month of the year
  •  An overview of the most successful  practice models


  • 50+ Internal and external marketing ideas to start your practice off right
  • New doc tips from the most highly regarded podcast guests 
  • Organizational tips 
  • 50 Top online business registries to list your business with 
  • A complete business and Chiropractic resource list for all 50 states
  • List of the equipment and supplies you'll need to get started
  • Strategies for developing successful habits


BONUS: Get Started Now!

We've recently added an online portion of the ChiroPlanner. Take multiple assessments along your journey, then setup a 20 minute strategy call with us. We'll review your answers, help you make a plan, and send additional resources!

The ChiroPlanner is a Resource...

"I cannot begin to explain the amount of help Dr. Day has given me in preparing me for my future business. I got more knowledge and information from him than any business class could have ever taught me."

-Sarah Riley, D.C.

"Dr. Day gave me the confidence to start my own practice. Throughout the process he talked me through how to get set up and the steps and work it would take. I was able to start up just 6 weeks after graduating without taking an extra loan out,  thanks largely to his advice!"

-Jace Bowhay, D.C.

 "I can't even count how many questions I asked these wonderful doctors to figure everything out! They were extremely helpful with all aspects of practice such as getting in network with insurance, treatment tips, and growing the practice. I can never thank them enough for all of their help!"

-Lindsey Warta, D.C.

You've Put Time, Money, and Effort into Your Education. Now, Let's Build a Practice. Your success is our goal!

Our Story

We’re Rich & Haley Day, a husband and wife chiropractic team. Since opening our first clinic in 2009, we’ve developed and refined systems for operating and marketing successful chiropractic practices with our ethical relationship building approach.

Are you currently a student or new doc? Then we want to help you create  your ultimate PRACTICE and your dream LIFE!

We learned a ton of lessons building our practices from the ground up.

Our mission is to provide you with the resources and tools we wish we had when we were first starting out!

Your success is our goal!

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