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The ROF System

A Report of Findings Master Class

By Richard & Haley Day, D.C.

Get our ROF system for new patients, develop a confidence mindset, and increase patient compliance!

The ROF Master Class will take you through six weeks of learning the same system we use in our practice to have near 100% compliance with treatment plans, a referral practice that builds itself, and the same awesome patients coming for years, to get the care they need!

The ROF System will Help you...

✔️Develop Confidence

✔️Create Systems for New Patients 

✔️Increase Patient Compliance with Care

✔️Increase Value of Each Patient

✔️Build a Referral Practice

✔️Increase Practice Revenue!

Module 1

Mindset & Communication

✔️The four mindset shifts that need to happen in order to get the results you want for your patient and for yourself.

✔️The key areas of interpersonal communication that you’ll need to focus on in order to get the best results.

Module 2

Office Setup & Materials

✔️How to set up your office to optimize the ROF experience.

✔️The tools and visual aids we use to educate the patient in a way they can easily understand.

✔️Develop a strategy for how to prepare for the ROF in YOUR practice.

Module 3

Day 1 & Day 2

✔️The exact step-by-step process we use on Day 1 and Day 2 to provide excellent care & massively increase patient compliance with their care plan.

✔️The big picture of Day 1 and Day 2 and the important differences between the two.

✔️How to deliver quality care EFFICIENTLY and how to deliver each step in exactly the right order, to increase patient "follow-through" for the next visit and beyond.

Module 4

The Financial ROF

✔️How to use our Financial ROF worksheet to clearly explain the patient's benefits and the cost of care in a way that's easy to understand.

✔️Including a worksheet template you can use in your office

Module 5 

Example ROF

✔️We put all the pieces together for you.

✔️Exactly how we deliver a Day 1 and Day 2 ROF to our patients.

✔️Hear the words we use and gain a clear understanding of the complete process.

Also includes...

✔️Private Facebook Group - to ask questions, learn more, and engage with others!

✔️A 1:1 Coaching Call - to assess your practice and make a plan for growth! 

✔️Course worksheets - to learn and implement The ROF System

✔️Course Updates - so you always know what's working best NOW!

✔️Lifetime Access to the Course - so you can access the content at any time!


What other Chiropractors are saying...

“Upon implementing this information into my practice I immediately saw patient retention increase and willingness to follow through with care plans bump-up drastically.”

-Brady Seaman, D.C.

"The material presented is absolutely crucial for effective and efficient new patient communication.  The course has helped me structure these initial encounters with the patients in a way that saves me time, ensures I am thorough in my examination and effective in communicating the treatment plan. The ROF System has increased patient compliance in my practice!"

-Vitaliy Meyster, DC

"I can't even count how many questions I asked these wonderful doctors to figure everything out! They were extremely helpful with all aspects of practice such as getting in network with insurance, treatment tips, and growing the practice. I can never thank them enough for all of their help!"

-Lindsey Warta, D.C.

You've Put Time, Money, and Effort into Being a Chiropractor. Now, Let's Build a Solid Practice. Your success is our goal!

Our Story

We've been in private practice for 11 years now. While in practice we developed The ROF System - a patient centered approach we use to deliver the report of findings in our office in order to maximize patient compliance to care!

Rich is also the Director of Clinical Operations at Cleveland University, where he teaches 3 business courses for students as they prepare to transition from student to Chiropractor. 

We learned a ton of lessons building our practices from the ground up and now we want to help you create your ultimate PRACTICE and your dream LIFE!

Our mission is to provide you with the resources and tools we wish we had when we were first starting out!

Your success in practice, is our goal!

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