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Rich Day, D.C.


Hey guys, this is Rich. I’m Peter Pan at heart; I was never going to grow-up. After high school graduation I tried the college thing, but thought it was much cooler being the lead man in a band my brother and I put together. We traveled around the mountain towns, out to Hawaii and Alaska, and even recorded a full CD. I still have plenty of copies if you’d like one, haha.

Once I was married and looking to start a family, I got more serious about earning a paycheck, and started working in sales – everything from Ultimate Electronics, to making the big bucks at AT&T – but it was never fulfilling for me.

I stumbled upon Chiropractic when my infant son, Eric, got care for colic. It changed my world. My son was sleeping through the night and crying less, and I found a career path that made me happy.

Thankfully it’s never too late to make changes in your life that drastically change the outcome.

Today, I’m the Director of Clinical Operations at Cleveland University in Kansas City where I teach all three business classes, bringing everything I’ve learned about creating, building, and running a practice to the students. When I’m not at work or spending time with my family, I’m treating patients at my private practice.

Haley Day, D.C.

Hi! This is Haley. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. I was a determined kid who always wanted to have my own business. While researching top business colleges my senior year of high-school, I found one perched above the Pacific ocean, and applied. It was the only application I mailed in, and four years later I graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Business.

While at Pepperdine I worked for a Chiropractor in Malibu who’s still a great friend. After graduation, I moved back to Kansas and interviewed with several different advertising agencies in the area, but no one I met with seemed to enjoy their job. I decided the cubicle life wasn’t for me, and went back into waitressing, like I had been doing while in high school. It wasn’t glamorous, but it got me back into business, sales, and customer relations.

Over the next few years I transitioned to working in the kitchen, and going to culinary school, but ultimately decided that wasn’t for me either.

I wanted something more, and I stumbled back into Chiropractic. I took one class at a time for a while, decided it was the path for me, and the rest is history….

Today, I manage our Kansas City practice and all things Lifestyle Practice Builders. I spend a lot of time online helping out students, new graduates, and practicing Chiropractors as they transition into creating, operating, and building practices of their own!

Great Day Chiropractic

We started out in the same class at Cleveland University, in Kansas City, both with a plan of starting our own practice upon graduation.

Four years later, our practice became one, and we opened in a small town twenty minutes North of Denver, CO called Erie. The economy honestly couldn’t have been worse, but we made the best of it, and hit the ground running.

Having each other was a huge blessing. We kept each other accountable and worked together to propel ourselves forward.

It’s been said that entrepreneurship is the best self-help you can get. We not only learned a lot about starting and building a practice, but a lot about ourselves, each other, communication, and working as a team.

We weren’t all business either. We spent a lot of time with Eric(Rich’s son), we traveled back to Kansas City a lot to see family, and traveled into the mountains as well as took other vacations.

We worked hard, but maintaining a work-life balance was important to us.

In 2013, we had our first daughter and purchased our practice in Kansas City. Then in 2014, we decided to move back to Kansas City to be closer to family.

Moving away from our baby(the practice in Erie) was really hard for us. We had put a ton of time into developing relationships, and doing everything it takes to build a solid business.

We managed our Colorado practice for another four years before selling it to an Associate.

Today, we operate our practice, Great Day Chiropractic, in Kansas City during our “spare” time.


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