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#148: Finding the Ideal Chiropractic Associate Position with Chiropractors Rich & Haley Day

Finding the Ideal Chiropractic Associate Job

This week is an exciting episode for us and for all of you wanting to find an awesome Associate position after graduation. We’re going to talk about becoming a Chiropractic Associate, what you can be doing during school, what you need to do your last year in school and the timeline you’ll need to work with when applying for a position. We’re also going to answer questions you’ve submitted on Instagram and introduce you all to The Ideal Associate Course we’ve been putting together for months. If you need a little help walking through these steps then stay to the end to hear about the course and how the small investment will make the world of difference for you and your future. We’ll also hear from Felicia Campbell, DC, who just opened her own practice this past week, congratulations Felicia! Rich helped Felicia find her ideal associate position that she’s been working the past couple years that led her toward practice ownership and success!

There is a special launch price for the course. We don’t typically discount the resources we’ve created, except for when we’re creating them, because they are priced so great to begin with! So, while we continue to build out the 5 module course that will roll out on October 12th, you can buy it for more than half off. We’re going to talk about the course today, but if you’re impatient like Rich or eager like me then you can get started by taking a quick quiz we created for you at This quiz will help you figure out where you’re at in the process of finding a great associate position. There are so many things to consider and do while in school so that you can not only find the ideal associate position after school, but to make sure that you are the ideal person to fill that position when the time comes. You want to be the Chiropractor you’ve worked so hard to become and earn a living that will support you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Being a Chiropractic Associate

So, let’s get to today’s topic. Haley’s spent the last few weeks talking about the options you have after graduation and all the things you should consider when choosing. If you haven’t listened to those episodes yet, then definitely check them out! 

If you keep coming back to being a Chiropractic Associate is the best decision for you then listen up!

During Chiropractic School

While you’re in school, from day 1, some of the things you should be doing are:

  • Working in a chiropractic office
  • Meeting chiropractors
  • Shadowing in different offices
  • Taking seminars for your specialty
  • Visiting locations you think you’d like to live

Your Last Year in Chiropractic School

Your last year, you need to:

  • Be settling on a location
  • Meeting Chiropractors in that area
  • Developing your resume
  • Sending associate hiring inquiry letters
  • Creating your job proposal

Hiring Chiropractors Want... 

Different doctors have different reasons and different timelines for hiring an associate

  • Immediate need-this is how we were with our Colorado office. Since we were living in a different state than our office, we had a short timeline between Associate doctors. We had a position we needed filled immediately. So when an Associate reached out that was still living in another state or wasn’t licensed yet, we weren’t interested. We were looking for the best candidate, within a specific amount of time. 
  • Immediate, and aren’t too picky. This is typically a large office with a steady flow of patients. The office markets a lot and has several associates handling the flow of patients, typically working long hours and seeing loads of patients..
  • Not immediate, know exactly what they’re looking for. Someone is looking for the ideal associate to join the practice. They may already have other associates, and are looking for another perfect fit to join the group. They’re hiring ahead of the chaos, looking for a specific person.
  • Not looking, but has been thinking about adding an associate to the practice for a while. If the right person came along then they’d be open to figuring out the next steps.

 When you’re looking for an Associate position, you won’t have any idea of what the hiring doctor is looking for, or the timeline they are working with, that’s why it's important to be on the offense, working on finding the ideal associate position for yourself. 

Podcast Listener Questions 

Here are some questions we got through instagram regarding finding the ideal associate position. Thank you for sending these in! Find us on instagram @lifestylepractice

  • How early would you recommend looking for being an associate at an office considering graduation and taking your licensing exam?
    • Sooner than later because you don’t know the timeline of the hiring doctor. The right doctor may be willing to wait for you. This is why you need to be on the offense, finding the ideal associate position.
  • How would you recommend looking for an associateship as a student?
    • Working in an office, meeting doctors at seminars, alumni events, and networking events, shadowing chiropractors, reading the classifieds at the school, sending inquiry letters to the area you’re interested in or to doctors who specialize in your similar interests.
  • I don’t have any place in particular I’m wanting to live and I’m flexible on where I go. I’m more concerned with finding someone before graduation that I can meet and get to know before signing a contract with. I’m only a tri 4, but I feel myself questioning how I will find the right fit for me.
    • If you aren’t concerned with location, then leaning towards finding the right fit for your specialty should be your focus. Meet doctors at seminars, in specialized organizations, shadow as many as you can. Try to rule out locations and specialties.
  • What are red flags to look out for? Chiro school isn't going to help us find a good doc to associate with. 
    • Not a good fit- differing specialties, philosophies, values. 
    • Use of practice management group scripts, processes that don’t align with your philosophy, values, or the way you want to practice.
    • Cost of living vs, salary of the position
    • Unorganized or unprepared to bring on an associate
    • Setup as an independent contractor agreement
    • The right amount of guidance for what you need
    • Hiring with a long-term need
    • Shady billing practices
    • Bad mouthing patients
    • Bad mouthing or poor treatment of CAs
    • How does the doctor grow the practice?
    • Shady contract-I can read a contract and tell you how the doctor is going to be to work for.

The Ideal Associate Course

Talking about all of these red flags is a good lead into talking about The Ideal Associate Course. We’ve been able to help so many new chiropractors in the past find the job of their dreams and we want to help more! The Ideal Associate Course is an online course. There will be 5 modules:

  • Module 1 - Self assessment & clarity. We help you figure out what’s right for you!
  • Module 2 - Prospecting & Starting the conversation. How and where will you find hiring doctors.
  • Module 3 - Creating a resume that impresses
  • Module 4 - Interview Prep
  • Module 5 - Contract review and negotiation


  • Budget worksheet to figure out what salary you need to survive
  • Lead tracking worksheet, stay organized to eliminate the overwhelm
  • Resume Cover Letter and Letter of Inquiry
  • Resume template to impress
  • Employment proposal template
  • Thank you letter template
  • Chiropractic Associate Checklist
  • Facebook group for feedback, encouragement, and networking

I don’t need help?

Experience always helps, that's why we want to help guide you to the ideal associate position, and steer you clear of mistakes, red flags, and missteps that will set you back in the process. Learn from the mistakes of the associates we’ve interviewed and helped. There are great jobs out there and we want to help you find the one that’s right for you, and make sure you’re the best candidate for the job!

What do you know about finding an associate position?

We’ve not only hired associates, we’ve helped countless others meet hiring chiropractors, create resumes, apply, review contracts, and walk through this process. We know what hiring chiropractors are looking for and what you need to do in the competitive environment. 

How would an online course help?

Work at your own pace through this course. Learn from our experience, Get feedback in the facebook group. Having this knowledge before you set foot into an interview is going to give you more confidence and a competitive advantage over the others that didn’t invest in a course to help them. You’ll also have more awareness of what you need to be looking for to figure out whether the job is a good one and a good fit fo you.

I can’t spend that much money?

$97 is a steal. Even at $197 this course provides so much clarity. If you are uncertain or overwhelmed by this process then buying this course will give you the plan you need to work through. You will feel excited for this process and have confidence in your future. Just like you’re investing in building your knowledge about your specialty, technique, and becoming a doctor...investing in this course will give you the knowledge you need in order to find the right job for your future, to utilize those skills and start your career in a good place.

I don't have time to spend on this right now?

If you don’t take time now to figure this out, then you’ll be behind at graduation. Unsure of your future, wandering around, taking missteps, wasting time, trying to reinvent the wheel. We have it figured out and we can save you that time! This is the fun part, this is figuring out what you’re going to do after graduation. It should excite you, you will find the time for what excites you! Have a spouse that wants to help? Let them watch the videos and help you walk through this process.

What is a presale?

We are discounting the course by over 50%, while we continue to put it together. It’s only $97 until the modules start rolling out on October 12th. We know there are several of you that need this course now. You’re nearing the end of school and you want to find the ideal associate position, but you already know you aren’t doing any of the things we’ve been talking about to get yourself there. So, take advantage of this discount and in less than 2 weeks you can hit the ground running, start checking boxes on the checklist, and following the steps to finding your ideal associate job.

Felicia Campbell, DC

Want to listen to what Felicia Campbell has to say about working with Rich to find, apply and secure the associate job she’s worked the last 2ish years while saving up to open her own practice this last week. Click here to watch the video!

The Ideal Associate Course is Right for you if you Want...

Wouldn’t you rather be applying for jobs having the experience of walking through this course. Every module of the course will give you: 

  • CLARITY about what you’re looking for and the steps you need to take in order to find your ideal associate position
  • CONFIDENCE about walking through the process and your own awesomeness. You will outshine others
  • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE because knowing more will allow you to do better and be better. You won’t be the only candidate applying, and having invested in this course will give you a competitive advantage over the others.

What's Next?

We’re excited to work with you! Visit to take the associate quiz and learn more about what it’s going to take for you to land the associate position of your dreams! Want to go straight to learn more about the course, you want to save time and master this, then visit our website. You can also send us a DM on Instagram or facebook and we’ll get you the link there. We’ll also answer any questions you have if you send them our way.


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