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What if you're 1 out of 10 applicants that apply for your ideal Associate position? Will you get it? Finding the ideal associate position could be the difference between being a successful Chiropractor for the rest of your life, and working for 3 months at a crappy Associate position only to be left deciding whether you should go back to some other job you used to have while you search for your next career. 

Over the course of the last 11 years of being in practice we've hired several Associates and interviewed many more. We've also helped hundreds of Chiropractors find their ideal Associate position, so we not only know what it takes to get the ideal associate position but the best strategies to use for finding, applying, and securing the ideal job. That’s why we put this course together for you!


"I could have gotten a job without the help of Dr. Day, but I got a higher quality job with his help - more money, working with better people."

-F. Campbell, DC

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We walk you step-by-step through our Ideal Associate process.


Created by us for you! Including a resume and employment proposal letter.


Assessments will help develop a plan that's unique for you.

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When you get this course today, you will have immediate access to our 5 module online course to find your ideal Associate position. We will walk you through the actions, you need to take, to be successful at this process.

The course includes videos created by us that walk you step-by-step through our process, including proven resume and employment proposal templates created by us, and assessments that will further your understanding of where you’re at now and where you need to go to get the job you want. There are so many things you need to be thinking about now, in order, for you to be successful in this process, so get started today! 

If you’re familiar with us then you already know that “Your success is our goal!” It’s the reason we create the resources we do. So, invest in the Ideal Associate course today and let us help you take this leap to becoming the Ideal Associate.

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