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Felicia Campbell, DC Explains How Rich Helped her Find Her Ideal Associate Job


Felicia Campbell, DC

Dr. Felicia Campbell worked with Rich in order to find her Ideal Associate job. Watch the video and learn about how they worked together for her to find her ideal position in a great Chiropractic clinic, right after chiropractic graduation. Felicia was able to find an awesome job that allowed her to learn and grow over the last couple years, and ultimately save up to open her own office, which she opened just last week. Congratulations Felicia, we're excited for your success!

The Ideal Associate Quiz

Take the Ideal Associate quiz that we put together for you. Taking the quiz will help you know where you're at in the process of finding your ideal associate position and the things you need to work on to find the job of your dreams.

The Ideal Associate Course

We’ve been able to help so many new chiropractors their ideal job and we want to help more of you! The Ideal Associate Course is an online course we developed after years of experience.. There course includes 5 modules:

  • Module 1 - Self assessment & clarity. We help you figure out what’s right for you!
  • Module 2 - Prospecting & Starting the conversation. How and where will you find hiring doctors.
  • Module 3 - Creating a resume that impresses
  • Module 4 - Interview Prep
  • Module 5 - Contract review and negotiation

And lots of Bonuses:

  • Budget worksheet to figure out what salary you need to survive
  • Lead tracking worksheet, stay organized to eliminate the overwhelm
  • Resume Cover Letter and Letter of Inquiry
  • Resume template to impress
  • Employment proposal template
  • Thank you letter template
  • Chiropractic Associate Checklist
  • Facebook group for feedback, encouragement, and networking

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