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#144: 3 Reasons You Aren't Being Consistent with Chiropractor Haley Day


Chiropractor & Lifestyle Practice Builders Podcast Host Haley Day, DC talks about circumstances in 2020 and shares a pep talk for moving forward.  The podcast is the audio from the YouTube video from last week.

3 Reasons You Aren't Being Consistent

Today I’m talking about the 3 reasons you aren't being consistent and how you'll need this one ingredient in order to succeed in Chiropractic, and honestly, anything you set out to do. Without this one superpower of being consistent, you will struggle to find success in business, relationships, and life. It’s almost always the missing element when someone fails to succeed or the reason it will take some of you so long to reach success. It’s the secret power of anyone staying and playing in anything. Even after I talk about how important consistency is today, many of you will discredit it in your mind, be unable to stick to it, and let life get in the way. So, please take out a piece of paper or sticky note-especially if you are someone who has suffered from shiny object syndrome in the past- and write these words down or use the cell phone wallpaper I created on our facebook page or at our blog. Put the piece of paper somewhere you will see it multiple times a day. "Be Consistent."

Shiny Object Syndrome

There are so many ways to succeed in chiropractic. Many different ways to market, treat patients, implement systems, be on social media, etc. If you spin your wheels trying them all, then it will be hard to build your practice as fast as we know it's possible to. The clearer you are on all of these things when you open, and the more consistent you are with them, the more successful you'll be. Stop getting distracted by the latest and greatest, find something that works for you and falls in line with your values, and stick with it.


You're not excited about what you're doing. I get it, there's a lot to not be excited by - patient notes, keeping up with social media, studying for exams, attending'll need to reconnect with your WHY, stop doing what you think you should be doing, and find excitement in what you're doing. How can you grow? How can you do it in a way that works for you? How can you integrate it more into your life? How can you be more effective, more efficient? Break through these walls and create a life you enjoy!


Are you overwhelmed by the tasks that lay ahead? All the to-do, all the unknowns, all the phone calls. We all hate being on the phone now, haha. There are a few ways to beat overwhelm - find a mentor/coach to help walk you through the steps-don't reinvent the wheel, document your next steps in a planner/ChiroPlanner - Goals, your plan, and the steps you need to take to get there. It will take sitting down, getting organized, and figuring out your next steps to figure out what you should be doing and move through the overwhelm.

The Lifestyle Practice Builders Podcast

If you are a chiropractic student, chiropractic associate, or practicing chiropractor looking to grow a practice then this is a must listen episode from Lifestyle Practice Builders. 

We're creating the resources we wish we had when we first started! Hang out with us, download the resources, and make a plan! We can't wait to get to know you and help you make some of those tough decisions. Your success is our goal! 

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