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Goals Resources for the Chiropractor

Setting and reaching goals will be one of the most important aspects to you succeeding in practice. We've put together some tips and resources for you, so you can reach your goals easier and faster. 


All goals start with a vision. What is the vision you have for yourself, personally and professionally? Where would you like to be in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years? Sit down and lay this out using a sheet of paper or the dedicated pages in your ChiroPlanner. Be as clear and detailed as possible. Where will you live? How much money will you make? These are custom to you personally. Some of you will have goals to donate back to your church, have a certain number of kids, be able to buy a certain car, take dream vacations, be invited to speak at a certain event, train for an athletic event, etc. What does success look like for you at these different stages of life?

Do your personal and professional vision align? For instance, if you want to quickly create a million dollar practice, but you have small kids that you want to be present for, then your goals are hard to align. When we started our first practice, Rich had an 8 year old son that spent 50% of his time with us. We wanted to be fully present with him when he was with us, which meant working really hard 50% of the time and not as hard the other 50%. Creating a million dollar practice within our first couple years of practice wasn't going to happen and that was okay with us because it wasn't our goal. 


Now that you have a long-term vision for your future. It's time to set goals for that vision. What 10 year goals do you have for yourself? Work backward from each of those, setting your 5, 3, and 1 year goals. For instance, if you want to own a half million dollar home in 10 years what is your strategy for getting there? Will you live with your parents for 5 years, then a smaller home for the next 5 years? Will you live in a condo for 5 years, then a 250,000 home for 5 years? There are many strategies for reaching your goals, which make the most sense for you?

Once you have these worked out down to your 1 year goals, that's when the real work begins. Take your 1 year goals and start breaking those down into an action plan for the next year, each quarter, each month, then each week of the next month, down to this week. Using this strategy will make your ten year dream/goals seem manageable. What do you need to accomplish short-term, this week, to reach your long-term goals?


One you have your plan of action in place, you'll need to put time in on your calendar to check-in each week, each quarter, each year. When you check-in, make sure your goals are the same, they still align, and that you're on target to hit them. If not, course correct yourself!


We recommend having a few accountability partners along your journey.

  • Your partner, the person you share your life with, for one. They're along for the journey. They'll also have they're own personal and professional goals and you'll want to make sure your 2 set of goals are congruent and you'll be able and supportive to reach those goals together. For instance, do you both want kids, do you both want to live in a certain area, in a certain home, do you both want to travel, do you both want to work 20/40/60 hour weeks? These are details you'll need to work out together before breaking your goals down into a plan.
  • Mentors. You will have many mentors for many areas of your life-parenting, marriage, work, religion, etc. Specifically, a chiropractic mentor, who you share your goals and plan with, will help you succeed along your journey. Learn more about choosing a chiropractic mentor!
  • Peers. Friends you've made along your journey through chiropractic school will be helpful to holding you accountable to your goals. Each of them will be working along the path and it will be nice for you to learn from and help guide them as you each have your own setbacks and successes. We enjoy helping and watching new graduates work together through their ChiroPlanners, The Foundation, and our ROF System master class as they start, build, and grow their practices. Learning from others who are on the same journey is important too.


Challenge yourself to make time for this process. Utilize your ChiroPlanner or another planner or calendar to set specific times for this process. Then establish who will hold you accountable. We'd love to be that person along your journey. If you have questions, reach out to us using the form below!

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