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Creating a Profitable Chiropractic Office

Increase Profits Each Year!

This is an important message that will save you time, money, and heartache – and ultimately build a profitable Chiropractic office! 

My parents moved almost every year of my life. I lived in:

Increase Profits

*Overland Park, KS (North)

*Overland Park, KS (South)

*Kansas City, MO (Brookside)

*Leawood, KS

*Houston, TX

*Evansville, IN

*Overland Park, KS

*Shrewsbury, MA

*Shrewsbury, MA

*Overland Park, KS

This was all before High School! It gives me a headache just thinking about it and Rich’s story is very similar.

Because we were always moving, there was no consistency to anything – We were always navigating a new home, new neighbors, new school, new friends, new activities, etc. It was miserable!

So, What’s the Message?

I see Chiropractors do a very similar, confusing thing to their patients. The Chiropractors are constantly looking for a new gadget or system that is going to blow their practice up(bring them the SUCCESS they’ve been dreaming of since college). The Chiropractor goes to a seminar or they buy a gadget. The seminar or gadget gets them super excited, the Chiropractor does a great job “selling” the new "trick", there’s a boost in sales, and SUCCESS! However, the sales start to plateau, and the Chiropractor gets discouraged, abandons the new gadget/skill, and they start researching the “next big thing.”

Want to Know a Secret?

The practice did well because the Chiropractor was pumped, excited to treat, and ENGAGED with his/her patients. The success of the clinic had nothing to do with gadget A, system B, or supplement C. It had everything to do with how the Chiropractor was showing up for the patients, the Chiropractors energy, and the attention and intention of the doctor.

Create a Profitable Chiropractic Office By…

Profitable Chiropractic Office

Being a lighthouse for your patients. Be consistent and solid, someone they can turn to and know they’ll receive solid care from. Be engaged with your patients, their stories, and their treatment plans. Have faith in the service you give and challenge yourself to provide your service better everyday. Giving better attention to your clinic and having more intention with your care will save you time, money, and heartache, and help you to build a solid lifestyle practice of your own!

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If you're at the beginning stages of opening your practice then look into using our resources. It's the tips and information you need without the hassle or cost of a large practice management group. We recommend jumping in with both feet using our Startup System, but you're a bit hesitant, and like to take things one step at a time, then check out the ChiroPlanner! The ChiroPlanner will walk you through some of the initial steps of opening, with checklists and worksheets to help you make some of the BIG decisions you'll need to make before opening. Ready to do a little more? Join us inside The Foundation. The Foundation, a library of resources you'll need to get started, including links, templates, and more... it's a companion to the ChiroPlanner(we recommend both to work together). You can do this and we're excited to help guide you to success!

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