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The Foundation - A Resource for Chiropractors wanting to Open their First Practice

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If you’re a Chiropractic student, a new Chiropractor, or you’re currently an Associate looking to startup or buy your first practice, then stay tuned, because today I’m going to tell you about The Foundation. I created it for you!

For the past 5 years, Rich and I have been mentoring students and new grads as they transition from school to starting their own clinics. Many times we gave them the encouragement and support they needed to make the choice to go on their own, rather than going to work as an Associate, building another person’s practice.

Lifestyle Practice Builders Podcast

We’ve spent the last 3 years thinking of resources we wish we had when we were starting our first practice. In fact, it was in March of 2016 that we decided to start learning about podcast production and building the Lifestyle Practice Builders podcast, formerly The Chiro Business Mojo podcast for Chiropractors,  in order to help support the Chiropractic profession - Chiropractic students, new Chiropractors, and Chiropractors looking for new ways to do things. We wanted a way to share our knowledge and experience, the knowledge and experience of other Chiropractors, and ways we think all Chiropractors can grow and be better and more successful in practice. We think all Chiropractors should live the life they want, be able to pay back their student loans, and prosper in this awesome profession.


While producing the first 100 podcast episodes we were fully immersed in talking to students, new Chiropractors, and entrepreneurs about business and marketing success, struggles, and realities. We then began thinking that due to the overwhelming amount of steps to getting open, wouldn’t it be nice if students had a planner to keep them organized and walk them through some of the unknowns? So, we started by creating the ChiroPlanner, but we didn’t stop there. After working with hundreds of students and new docs we realized there’s so much more we have to provide, which is why we created The Foundation.

The Foundation

First off, The Foundation is a compliment to the ChiroPlanner. The Foundation and the ChiroPlanner go together like peanut butter and jelly! They each offer their own unique blend of information and resources to get you started in the right direction. Together they’re a powerful combination that will save you from having to sign a five year contract with a pricey practice management group, or spending thousands of dollars with the next guru. We want to make startup easy and affordable so that more students succeed in practice on their own and stop devoting their time to building others practices.

What we’ve found is that more students are ready to be on their own than they think. We’ve walked many new graduates through the process and supported them along the way as they make the important decisions that go into opening a practice.

So, what’s in The Foundation?

It’s a library of startup business resources. There are currently 45 resources that include: templates, checklists, links, videos, etc. We go through the mindset, including sharing with you our favorite books and podcasts that help us create, plan, and strategize. We are always learning from the very best in practice, marketing, and business and we share that with you as it pertains to having the mindset of a business owner, Chiropractor, and leader in your community.

Next we walk you through everything you can be doing while you are still in school and searching for a location including creating a business plan! If you're thinking about purchasing an existing practice then we have a whole section devoted to that. What questions should you ask, what documents do you need, and what other questions should you be answering for yourself. We follow all of this up with everything you need to do once you find your space and plan your opening, as well as marketing you can be doing once you open to start building your practice.

We’ve included additional information about getting in network with insurance and how to fill out the applications for Medicare.

A Guide for Opening your Chiropractic Practice

We take away all the confusion, give you a checklist, and walk you through each step. We give you a system to follow. A plan that will take you from where you’re at now to opening your practice. We have done it on our own twice and helped countless others as they take the steps you need to take to get open.

The Foundation is only for Chiropractors who haven’t opened a practice yet and need a blueprint to walk them through the steps of opening their first practice. The Foundation is not for Chiropractors not looking to open or buy a practice or have already bought or opened their practice. If this is you, and you’ve opened but still feel overwhelmed or lost, then we have resources for you. Start by q.

For those of you thinking The Foundation is exactly what you’re looking for then you’ll be really freaking excited to find out that when you choose to join us in the foundation, you’ll also be invited into our private facebook group where we dive deep into the resources even more, answer your questions along with others, and come together to work toward your success. We’re in this together, and your success is our goal!

You’ll also get a strategy call with me, where I can evaluate where you’re at in the process and give you your best next steps to strategize your opening. Want more than one call? Everyone in the foundation can purchase a discounted call as needed. Don’t ever feel lost or unsure, we’re here to guide you with real life knowledge!

Rich and I have been through it all since opening our first practice over 10 years ago. We started on our own, built an extremely solid family practice which we ended up managing from another state and selling after 4 years. We’ve also shopped around and purchased a practice that we still currently run and maintain with a vision for a much larger multi-disciplinary practice in the future.

When we chose Chiropractic it was a conscious decision by us to have our own business and we want to help you get excited about that part of it too. If the business side scares you, then we want to help you through that. We want to point you in the right direction as you make choices along your journey.

Listen to what others are saying...

Sarah says, “The Foundation puts practice startup into a step by step process with links and resources that every chiropractor needs. It's so nice to have everything in one place and already organized! Using tips and advice from The Foundation, I feel like I can make wiser and thriftier decisions about starting my business. There's so much going on in this exciting time, and The Foundation keeps me focused and paying attention to all the important details that I might have forgotten in the craziness of life!”

Take the guesswork out of getting started into practice!

We’ve created the ChiroPlanner and The Foundation to guide you along that path🤗

“Hope is not a strategy.”-Vince Lombardi

The Foundation is a resource we wish we had! An affordable online membership library that has resources for every step of the way as you open your practice and build The Foundation for success. There’s no contract - come when you want and leave when you’ve gotten what you need. This resource is for you! Use coupon code FOUNDER to get $25 off the initial fee, for a limited time only!

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” -Lee Bolman

If you’re a student, New grad, or Associate looking to take that leap into practice then you need a VISION and a STRATEGY to get there.

We want to help!

We've spent years putting together this library of content in order to help students and new docs get off on the right step when opening their own office. Whether you're choosing to start as an Independent Contractor, office owner, or Associate, you will find the information you need to get started, so don't waste time, join us in The Foundation today!

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