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Chiropractic Office Systems

Systems, like marketing, are vital to the success of your practice. Marketing, one of your systems, is what will bring patients in the door, systems are what will want them to stay and complete treatment under your care. Systems are also the reason you'll have time to enjoy yourself outside of the office, the reason employees will like working with you, and the reason anyone will refer to you.

You must know how important systems are when you're starting because that's the best time to develop them, before you get too busy to sit down and figure out how to make everything operate better. Once you get going, it will seem overwhelming to have to stop, assess, and institute new policies and procedures. This is one of the reasons some will start with a practice management group. Practice Management Groups will give you their systems and baby-sit the implementations of their cookie-cutter and often dated systems, at a high cost. If you're hardworking and capable then you may not need that, but you'll still need systems, which is why we created Lifestyle Practice Builders. We offer a self-paced membership and courses that will help you figure out what these systems will look like in your office and institute them for smoother operation and optimum performance.

We're all for figuring things out as they come up. Sometimes that's the best you can do in order to get started, without waiting for everything to be "perfect." However, at a certain point, disorganization will be a costly mistake. Having a way of doing things and a relatively neat and orderly office space clears the way for higher productivity and less wasted time.

Chiropractic Office Systems Tips

  • Declutter anywhere you can! We're big fans of only having what you need and everything in it's place. Have a clear desk space, organized drawers, and nothing hanging out around the office that doesn't need to be there for patient care.
  • Create open and closing routines to establish and maintain order of your systems. Start the day prepared and end the day mindful of what needs to get done before you leave or during the next work day.
  • Keep your front desk clean and drawers organized. Keep extra supplies in a storage area so they aren't cluttering the front desk space.
  • Establish habits that keep you efficient and on top of all the moving parts of the practice-patients, billing, accounting, notes, etc.
  • Figure out the systems that make up your office and create a policy and procedure manual.

The ROF System

One of the most important systems in your office will be your ROF(Report of Findings) System that you have for new patients. How do you process a patient through your office on the initial visits? Once we figured out this system in our office it had a dramatic effect on whether or not patients came back to continue and complete their care plan, and whether or not patients referred in family, friends, and neighbors. We tried other ROF systems that we learned from friends, who had joined practice management groups, and they all seemed too sales-y and scripted for us. We wanted an ROF System that was genuine, to the point, and that gave the patient the information they needed for them to want to finish their treatment plan without feeling taken advantage of. If you are interested in learning more about The ROF System Master Class we put together, then click HERE.

Other Chiropractic Office Systems

Your practice will be made up of many other systems! Marketing, insurance, billing, motor vehicle accident, documentation, etc. Some of these we cover in our startup membership for Chiropractors, The Foundation, and others we are developing into another, more advanced membership for practicing Chiropractors. If you have questions about The ROF System, The Foundation, or other opportunities developing your own Lifestyle Practice Builders systems then fill out the form below. We created these resources so you could startup without the expense or lengthy contract of a large management group. We've helped hundreds of smart, hardworking chiropractors startup successfully and we'd love the opportunity to help you too!

The Startup System for Chiropractors

If you're still a student, looking to graduate in the next year, or chiropractic associate wanting to start your own clinic, then you may consider The Startup System bundle of all 3 of our resources, including the ChiroPlanner, The Foundation, and The ROF System master class. Having all 3 of these resources as you transition from student or associate to practice owner will be HUGE. These are the resources we wish we had when we were first starting. If you're a self starter with the ambition and passion needed to get started on your own then this is perfect! Developed by us after 10+years in practice, opening and operating 2 clinics in 2 states. You can be successful on your own and these resources will help you!

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