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#161: You Need Momentum Going into the Holidays, with Chiropractor Haley Day

You Need Momentum!

You need momentum going into times when historically patient visits have dropped. 

For us, this was:

  • Spring Break
  • Start of summer
  • Start of school
  • Holidays(Thanksgiving)

This is when a lot of new or experienced docs take their foot off the peddle because they think the drop is inevitable. They start making excuses for their patients. Don’t do this. 

Even if You Planned a Vacation!

Also, you can do all of these things whether you are going to be in the office or not. We frequently took our own trips during these times, and we were able to maintain our momentum. Some of the drop is inevitable because people will leave town spring break, holidays, etc.

Momentum is also important if:

  • You’re feeling a treatment cap
  • Boom your busy, then a month or two later, you’re not
  • There are big differences in month to month revenue

Keep the momentum by:

Want to know my 15 tips to gain momentum in your practice and keep yourself on the path of growth to success? Join our facebook group and watch the 30 minute facebook live I recorded last week!

You can do this and take a trip!

This is not to say you shouldn’t take a break! But only break when you’re on break. Enjoy your downtime and recharge

Also, Have you Started?

  • Planning Q1 for 2021
    • streamline processes, what systems can you make better?
    • Marketing Calendar, what are you planning for next year? We recommend one strong event a quarter and at least one event in your office a year. Use the marketing calendar in the ChiroPlanner!
    • Promos, what promos can you run?
      • Healthy new year
      • Valentines day
      • Spring break prep
    • Networking events, which ones will you attend? Which ones will you help with?
    • New ways of marketing, try at least one new thing a year!

Let’s all help each other!

When you get into the facebook group, tell us one thing you’ve been doing in your practice since covid that has really helped, or a positive change you made in your practice that has made covid a blessing in disguise? Maybe you’ve changed your hours, location, marketing, what has helped?

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