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#159: How to Shift your Mindset, Bonus Burst with Chiropractor Haley Day

Mindset Shift

In Episode #158 (Spotify | iTunes) we talked about the first thing you need to know before starting a practice - MINDSET! If after listening to that episode, you think a mindset shift is in order, then listen to today's bonus burst episode. In today's episode #159 (Spotify | iTunes) I talk about the mindset shift I had to have my first years in practice in order to communicate better with patients, and increase compliance to care.

Confidence & Patient Communication

My biggest struggle when starting practice was my ability to communicate with patients effectively so that they understood their report of findings and the importance in following the treatment plan I had put together for them. Being able to give an effective report of findings(ROF) is crucial in practice. The ROF is when the patient decidedness whether they're going to follow your recommendations and commit to care. It's one of the most important systems in your practice.

My Mindset Shift

So, what did I do to get better at the Report of Findings and my ability to effectively communicate with the patient? There are 3 things I did:

  • Found a mentor - Rich is an awesome communicator. He has lots of training in sales and client communication from his past work experiences at AT&T, US Bank, and Ultimate Electronics. He was also the front man in a band, so he's not shy. I started to learn, train, and emulate him. He was doing well with patients, so why re-invent the wheel? I could learn how he answered common questions and prepared for the ROF.
  • Visualized and rehearsed - I practice and prepared myself for each patient encounter. I remember common phrases that helped patients understand, and ran through them in my head, so that when the time came I was prepared to communicate effectively.
  • Took action - I through myself to the wolves and learned from mistakes and successes. I knew when I made a mistake and challenged myself to fix it. At the same time, I could tell when I was doing well and built upon that. Creating a system and way of communicating with the patient that was unique to me and effective for the patient.

Your Mindset Shift

What poor mindset habits have you identified in yourself? What action plan can you take to:

  • Learn
  • Prepare
  • Practice

These 3 things can help you have a mindset shift of your own. Learn from someone who's doing better. Prepare yourself to do better. Practice until you are better! Having a mindset shift will help you grow as a person and build a stronger practice and life.

The ROF System

If you have similar confidence issues like I had, then learn more about The ROF System online course we created. Shorten your learning curve to being a more effective communicator. This will have an immediate effect on your practice growth and patient compliance to care!

Let's Kickass in 2021!

Mindset is just the beginning and it’s a great place to start. Once you can open your mind and accept your ability to grow and do amazing things, then you’ll be ready to work on the four other things you’ll need to be successful in practice. So go download the eBook, listen to the podcast (Spotify | iTunes), hang with us the next month, and let’s kick it into gear for 2021!

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