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#151: What Should I Do After Graduation? A Conversation with Chiropractic Student, Josh Glasmann - Part 1

Chiropractic Student, Josh Glasmann

This week we turned the tables and let Josh Glasmann, a chiropractic student at Logan University ask me some questions. Josh is in his last year of school. He bought a ChiroPlanner earlier this year and had several questions about transitioning from student to practicing chiropractor, so I asked if he’d let me record our conversation and share it with you on the podcast. We actually recorded the podcast in March before all of the craziness, but everything we talked about is still very relevant.

I have to give Josh a huge shout out. We actually had to record this episode twice because my auto record didn’t come on in Zoom and I didn’t notice it until we were almost done recording. So, after spending an entire day in clinic, caring for 3 kids, putting them to bed and all, he came back on and recorded at 9pm that same night. I want to thank him tremendously for following through, twice! He asks great questions, and you will all gain some great insights from everything we talk about- working with a spouse, starting a chiropractic practice with a family, aspects of buying a chiropractic practice, aspects of startup, and importance of great communication. We touch on several topics relevant to students, soon to be graduates, and those in their first years of practice. 

Are you Still a Chiropractic Student?

Developing a plan for after graduation should be something you're working on! Having a plan will put you steps ahead of others. Want to learn more about how you can get a SMART START, listen to podcast episode 194! Listen now on Spotify | iTunes. The Smart Start program walks you through your options after graduation, the top things you'll need to think about to make your personal decision, and the money management tools necessary to get you started! Get a SMART START today!

Start-up, Buy, or Associate - What’s Best After Chiropractic Graduation?

Depending on where you’re at with savings it might be best to start as a Chiropractic Associate. If you do start as a Chiropractic Associate then I would have a plan for how and when you’ll transition to starting or buying your own practice. If you’re able to get a loan then you might consider starting or buying from the beginning. Buying could be the right choice because those can be easier to finance and it’s a way to guarantee money coming in from the start. Thinking about becoming a Chiropractic Associate? Listen to podcast #148. Thinking about buying a practice? Listen to episode #136.

Josh and I talk about owner financing, starting as an independent contractor, and the timeline of when you should start looking at and getting serious about buying a practice. Josh also wants to know, "If you are planning to buy a practice, how congruent does the purchasing doctor need to be to the selling doctor with regard to practice procedure and skill, for the transition to be successful?"

Other Questions Answered on This Podcast

  • How Can I involve My Spouse and Family in the Start-up Process?
  • How Can I Have Work-Life Balance as a New Chiropractor?
  • Advantages of Having Your Own Chiropractic Practice, if you Have a Family
    • advantages of working Saturdays
    • getting involved in the community
    • where to market a new chiropractic practice

Thanks to Josh for being on the show and sharing his story for others to learn from!

Stay tuned to part 2!

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