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#136: Buying a Chiropractic Practice? Crystal Misenheimer, Practice Broker, Gives us the 4-1-1!

Chiropractor, Haley Day, talks with Crystal Misenheimer, co-founder of Progressive Practice Sales. Their team offers smart, modern solutions to help chiropractors sell and acquire clinics, saving them time, money and effort along the way. 

If you are a chiropractic student, chiropractic associate, or practicing chiropractor looking to buy or sell a practice then this is a must listen episode from Lifestyle Practice Builders. Haley and Crystal dive deep on everything you need to know when thinking about buying a chiropractic practice, common traits of successful chiropractors, common pitfalls, and the best way to get ahead in this profession!

Crystal Misenheimer received her BBA from Baylor University in International Management Information Systems. She worked in database management in the non-profit sector prior to taking over the management and marketing aspects of three of Kevin's chiropractic clinics, the two most recent of which grossed $450,000-$600,000 annually. As the Managing Broker for Progressive Practice Sales, Crystal has helped hundreds of chiropractors to successfully transition into the next stage of their careers. Crystal’s mastery of managing these complex and detailed transactions ensures that your entire buying or selling process will feel smooth and streamlined.

  • Brief introduction - Kevin Misenheimer, DC and Crystal Misenheimer, Founders of Progressive Practice Sales

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages to buying a clinic vs starting from scratch
  • Can you tell me what qualities you’re looking for in someone that is looking to purchase a chiropractic practice? How would someone know if they’re a good potential buyer? What should they work on during school or their Associateship to put them in a good place for buying a practice?

  • What are the preliminary steps a buyer will need to go through when looking to purchase a clinic?

  • What should a buyer look for in a clinic to purchase?
  • What are some red flags we should be aware of?

  • How is a clinic’s value determined?
  • How long can the buying process take? 

  • Who pays for your services (buyer/seller)?

  • What are some keys to ensuring success with the purchase?

  • You have a history of working with Chiropractors, being in their offices, around their staff - what are some common traits of successful Chiropractors?

  • What are some common traits you see of those who are struggling?

  • A lot of new Chiropractors are struggling with the idea of perfection. Could you tell us about one challenge you have had to overcome?

  • Do you have a favorite book you recommend to listeners? 

  • What is the best business advice you have ever received? 

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