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#150: 3 Reasons You'll Struggle to Find the Ideal Chiropractic Associate Job, with Chiropractor Haley Day

Chiropractic Associate Job

Today we’re talking about the 3 reasons you’ll struggle to find the ideal associate position. If you know that you’re going to be looking for an associate position after graduation then you’ll want to listen to this whole episode, maybe even take some notes. (Spotify | iTunes)

I know you’re tired from class or studying, but this is the real stuff you’re going to need when you’re planning out your future. Rich and I graduated with friends who really struggled after graduation. They were unhappy in their associate job-taken advantage of, poorly trained, underutilized, overutilized, or even let go after only a short period. They could have all saved themselves the grief by taking the steps necessary in order to find the right associate job from the beginning.

Podcast for Chiropractors

For over 4 years, Rich and I have been sharing on the podcast and creating resources to help chiropractic students and chiropractors succeed. This past month we’ve focused on figuring out your best steps after graduation, what you need to consider, and finding the ideal associate job. If you haven’t listened to those podcasts yet, check them out! 

Are you Still a Chiropractic Student?

Developing a plan for after graduation should be something you're working on! Having a plan will put you steps ahead of others. Want to learn more about how you can get a SMART START, listen to podcast episode 194! Listen now on Spotify | iTunes. The Smart Start program walks you through your options after graduation, the top things you'll need to think about to make your personal decision, and the money management tools necessary to get you started! Get a SMART START today!

Reasons You'll Struggle to Find Chiropractor Job

1 - No Plan

The first reason you’ll struggle to find the ideal associate position is that you have no plan. If you’ve heard either of us speak or followed the podcast then you know we’re very big on visualizing your future, setting goals, and making a plan. If you never put pen to paper and actually put together a plan to reach your goals, then all you have is a headful of wishes, and that’s why you’ll struggle to get where you eventually want to be. Instead of taking action on your plan, you’re reacting to life as it unfolds.

Last week i talked about several things you can be doing during school, especially your last year, to prepare to find your ideal associate job. If you haven’t listened to it yet, then listen, take notes and make a plan to start doing all of those things. Having a plan and taking action will help you decide what’s right for you, what’s wrong for you, and really help narrow the gap from where you are today to where you want to be after graduation.

2 - Unaware of Red Flags

We talked about several of these last week and if you’ve taken our associate quiz at then we email the red flags to you. Unfortunately, there are so many red flags to look out for when you're applying, visiting, and accepting a chiropractic associate job. Knowing these things will really help decide between options and save you time along the process. Once you find a job, you’re more than likely going to put a great deal of effort moving on to being there, maybe moving to a different state, saying no to other options, etc. you want to make sure that you’re saying yes to the right position. Listen to podcast episode 148 (Spotify | iTunes) or visit the blog to learn more about the red flags you need to look out for when finding a Chiropractic associate job..

3 - You Don’t Understand the Process

No plan, unaware of red flags and the third reason you’ll struggle to find the ideal associate job is that you don’t understand the process. I’m guessing you’ve never looked for, applied, or secured a job as an associate chiropractor before, so the whole process is going to be new. You’ll need to take it quite a bit more seriously than probably any other job search you’ve gone on. Follow the steps we’ve outlined for you in the last podcast, have a plan, be prepared and it should all go smooth!

Chiropractors Eat Their Young?

I know there’s some thought that chiropractors eat their young, but there are a lot of chiropractic associates, happy in their job. They’re well taken care of, they have learned a lot, and enjoy being where they’re at tremendously. You can be one of those chiropractic associates!

The Ideal Associate Course for Chiropractors

Want some help from us? We’ve not only hired chiropractic associates, we’ve helped countless others meet hiring chiropractors, create resumes, apply, review contracts, and walk through this process. We know what hiring chiropractors are looking for and what you need to do in the competitive environment. You can take our ideal associate quiz to see where you’re in the process of finding a job at

Last week we launched The Ideal Associate Course for Chiropractors. When you get the course, we’ll help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to find, apply, and secure your ideal associate job. Walking through our 5 module course will give you the competitive advantage over others, who are probably spending their afternoons playing cards in the student lounge at school. You have more important things to do and we want to help you succeed!


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