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Simple Chiropractic Marketing Strategies to Grow your Practice

The last few months have been challenging to say the least. With stay at home orders and forced business closings, Covid-19 has set many small businesses back. Now that things are opening back up and we're starting to get back to normal routines, there's room for improvement and potential for growth. 

Marketing is a critical aspect to building and growing your practice. If it's something you haven't been focused on or you've taken the foot off the pedal with in the past year, then you'll need to take some time to refocus and implement a strategy. Good marketing has certainly changed in the last decade and now more than ever it's about letting patients know who you are and giving them a reason to choose you over the others in your area.

So, if you want to grow your practice, then implement these four simple marketing strategies:

1. Post personal content on social media.

Posting personal content on social media will make you relatable to others. Let your patients in behind the scenes through social media. Show them you are real and personable. Make it clear that you’re passionate about providing treatment for patients in a clean and comfortable environment. 

We post pictures not only of our practice and helpful chiropractic tips, but also of our daily outings, local restaurants, us utilizing other local businesses, healthy meals we enjoy, etc.

In addition to posting, you'll also need to be responsive. Have a team member, or yourself, consistently check your social media page for any messages, comments, posts, etc. You want the people interacting with your practice through social media feel that their voice is heard if they reach out to your practice through a social media platform.

2. Ask patients to leave reviews online.

It would be great if every patient that walked through our practice doors would leave us a positive review online. In a perfect world, they would. But in the real world, we’re lucky to get them. It’s not because patients are unimpressed by our dentistry. It’s usually because they simply don’t think of doing it.

That’s why it’s up to you or your team to remind them to do it. When patients are leaving your office, have your front desk ask them how their treatment went. If they rave about their experience and talk about how satisfied they are with the treatment you provided, then have your front desk ask them to leave a review online. 

Patients who are happy about their treatment will surely be a positive endorsement of your services. And that raving review will make prospective patients more interested in your practice. People who are looking for chiropractic treatment often surf through Google and read the reviews of local practices that can provide it. When they find positive reviews about your practice by doing that, they’ll have confidence that your practice is the best one suited for them. They’ll think of you first when they're ready to seek care.

Last but not least, don’t forget to respond to these reviews. Let the patients know that their voice is heard. Let them know that their time and effort in writing that review didn’t go unnoticed.

3. Get active in your local community.

Sponsor a local sports team, attend a 5K-sponsor it, endorse it, or do whatever you can do to get active with any events in your area, go to chamber meetings or events still being held, look  for online events being held, meet up groups in your area, join a local gym, utilize a local service, etc.

By getting active in an event like a 5K, or by involving yourself in any aspect of the community, you’ll reveal your brand to many people who might otherwise never discover it. 

Patients who know you care about your community and are active in events they participate in will make them want to come into your practice. Or, at the very least, doing so will bolster the reputation of your chiropractic practice in the eyes of your local community.

4. Send an email or newsletter update.


Send an email or newsletter update to your practice members. How has your practice changed amid Covid? Do you have different procedures or hours? Let them know you're around, you're taking care of people, and you care about their health. 

Also let them know what you've been up to during the downtime. Have you enjoyed more family time, playing frisbee golf with your dog, or expanded your skillset with online classes or CE classes?

A personal note can go along way to connect with a patient and remind them you care about how they are and that you're available to treat if needed.

What marketing strategies do you use to grow your practice?

There are so many marketing strategies out there. Marketing is the tool that will make your practice grow into the practice of your dreams. What strategies do you have? 

If you want to connect with other chiropractic professionals and discuss marketing tactics, then join the Business & Marketing Facebook group for Chiropractors where we're working together to support each other in business and in life.

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