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Chiropractic Grand Opening

Welcome to chiropractic practice! If you're reading this then you're probably in your final stages before opening, or maybe you've opened but haven't had a grand opening yet. Either way, you're in the right place! When we opened each of our clinics, we had BIG grand openings on a small budget. We spent what we needed in order for it to be a good time and get our name out, less than $500, significantly less! 

The idea of a grand opening is to introduce the community to your office and inform them as to what you do, and what you provide to the community. It should be fun, interactive, lively, and educational. You need to take the approach that this is the first birthday party for your practice, it needs to be fun, vibrant, and exciting. If you're ho-hum about it, then it will flop. It needs to be the greatest thing happening in your community this year!

Hook-up with your Chamber of Commerce

When you join your local chamber they more than likely will want to host a ribbon cutting at your office. This ribbon cutting can happen at your chiropractic grand opening party. When we had our grand opening, the town mayor came because It was also a ribbon cutting with the Chamber. 

Invite Everyone!

Invite and remind everyone you know! Send fliers to everyone you have an address for, post fliers in local places, take them to your business neighbors, give them out at your business networking meetings, give them to complimentary health businesses to handout, post on social media, etc. Get the word out however you can!

Food & Drink

Definitely have food and drinks. You want everyone who comes to enjoy themselves, stay, and come back for future events. We had alcohol at ours, but if that's not your thing then provide whatever drinks you love to share. We've had several parties over the years in our office and have provided-crackers, cheese, veggies, deli croissant sandwiches, pizza, chili and cornbread. Whatever you have, make sure it's yummy and never runs out. 


Yes, you need music! Probably whatever you listen to through the day while you treat or whatever you like that creates the mood you want. We are all use to listening to music in stores, restaurants, during work, our car, at home...some guests will miss it if it's not there.

Have a Plan for Your Chiropractic Grand Opening

You'll want a plan of events for your grand opening, which can include:

  • Office tour
  • Introduce yourself, other team members, and your family
  • Ribbon cutting
  • Thank everyone for coming
  • Drawing for door prizes

Door Prizes

Go to local restaurants and businesses to buy gift cards or ask for donations for your ribbon cutting. Remember to invite these businesses to the grand opening! You can either have a drawing at the grand opening or do a Facebook live to give them away.

Office Tour

For our grand opening, we created fliers to explain the activities carried out in each room. We printed them in color and laminated them so they looked nice. This way, when guests entered those rooms, they could learn more about the services utilized in our office.

Introduce Yourself, You're Their New Chiropractor!

Make sure everyone that comes to your grand opening knows who you are. Don't stay in conversations too long, move around the room, and take a moment to do a 5-10 minute speech. Keep it short and sweet, and to the point!

Send Thank Yous

Send thank you to everyone who came to your chiropractic office grand opening. A genuine note, sent through snail mail, will go a long way. Especially send one to the Chamber and any other notable people who came from the town-mayor, bank president, town administrator, chamber board president, etc.

Do it Again!

If your Chamber regularly hosts regular meetings, then sign-up to host another party the next year. These are quick wins to meet other business owners in the community and having them visit your office.

Don't Forget!

Go to as many other ribbon cuttings you can. If it's leading up to your own grand opening, then make sure to invite other guests to your own grand opening. Take their business cards, and send them an invite through snail mail. After your ribbon cutting, continue to support others, and meet others in your community.

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