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Lifestyle Practice Builders Podcast Update & Announcement

Podcast Update

If you’re getting tired of listening to me, Haley, then you’ll be happy to know that Rich will be back with me on future podcasts, so hip hip hooray! We're going to share the stage again, and bring you all some valuable information.

Rich & Haley Day

If you’re new to the podcast, Rich and I are Chiropractors in private practice in Kansas City. We’ve also opened a practice in CO, we’ve bought and sold practices, we’ve had Independent contractors, associates, employees and now we do this thing as well. Formerly this podcast was known as the Chiro Business Mojo podcast for chiropractors, when we started it on the day our third daughter was born in 2016, there’s a whole history of episodes for you to listen to when you have time! We started the podcast in order to help chiropractors by creating resources we wish we had when we were first starting.

The ChiroPlanner - a Planner for Chiropractors

After launching the podcast we co-authored The ChiroPlanner, A 100 Day Practice Launch Toolkit for Chiropractors and planner for chiropractors wanting to start their first practice. The ChiroPlanner has helped hundreds of students, associates, and chiropractors get started and build their practices. The ChiroPlanner also comes with self assessments and a strategy call with one of us. You can learn more about the ChiroPlanner at

The Foundation - an Online Resource Library

After creating the chiroplanner, we saw a need for more resources, worksheets and templates needed to walk you through the process of opening your practice, so we created the Foundation. The foundation is a membership resource library for chiros starting their practice. It has many more resources you’ll need when starting and pairs remarkably with the Chiroplanner for maximum success. Interested, visit,

The ROF System - a Master Class for Chiropractors

Then after helping hundreds of chiropractors through the start of their first practice and seeing what they needed most, we developed The ROF System master course, sharing the report of findings system we use in our office to have near 100% treatment plan completion and building a referral practice with minimal external marketing by you, giving you the freedom to live your life, enjoy your family and hobbies - and build your own lifestyle practice! Visit

The Ideal Associate - A Course for Future Chiropractic Associates

And NOW, for the big announcement. We are getting ready to launch resources for those of you wanting to become a chiropractic associate. So stay tuned through September to learn more and to save. We are going to pre-sell this workshop for those of you wanting to find the Ideal Chiropractic associate position with a first time discount! Learn more at

Resources for Chiropractors

You guys, everything we create is created for you. Each resource developed from the needs of chiropractic students and chiropractors we’ve helped in the past. Hard working, smart people that, like us, don't want to use outdated systems and sleazy sales tactics of the big practice management groups. You don’t need to sign a several year contract, pay hundreds of dollars a month, or be baysat through these processes. You need a guide, and that’s where we come in! All of our resources are jam packed with the information you need, no fluff! We really mean it when we say Your success is our goal! You can read one of the many testimonials on our website, itunes, and facebook pages. We’re thankful for all of those that trusted us and building more for those of you still to come. We want to help move you away from the overwhelm of all the unknowns and into a life where you can pay your bills, enjoy the people around you, and live your life to the fullest!

Visit our RESOURCES page to learn more about what we've created for you! Chiropractic is an awesome career and there are plenty of us succeeding in practice. We want you to join us! 

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