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#195: What Can You Do About Student Loans with Student Loan Tutor Zach Geist

Zach Geist - Student Loan Tutor

Today’s guest is Zach Geist. Zach founded Student Loan Tutor in 2015. As one of the leading experts in federal student loan repayment he and his team have taught thousands of student loan borrowers all over the country how to save enormous amounts of money and hassle. He currently resides on the Hamakua Coast of Big Island Hawaii.

Student Loan Stress

Student Loans are a huge stressor for many students and new docs. Rich and I know what it’s like to have double the student loans when you graduate. At the same time you want to open a new chiropractic business, buy your first home, start a family, and begin building a retirement. These are all things Rich and I have done by being smart about our own student loans. Managing student loans in such a way can seem impossible at first, but we did it and with the right support you can too! 

Student Loan Tutor

Student Loan Tutor does what you wish your servicer did. They treat your loans as if they were their own. For an annual flat fee for service your Tutor will craft a custom repayment strategy that navigates the system to save you the most money allowable. They then handle all of the paperwork and servicer follow up to ensure servicer errors are corrected and deadlines are met. As your financial situation evolves and new laws develop they'll also make sure you're always on track for the greatest possible savings. Student Loan Tutor removes the headache of student loans, and show you what's possible! Contact Student Loan Tutor today and start to learn more about conquering your own student loans. Fill-out THIS FORM now!

Get Help with Your Chiropractic Student Loans

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