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#194: Fifth Year Anniversary and Launch of New Chiropractic Student Workshop

5 Year Podcast Anniversary

Wow, this is a big episode for us because in July we had our 5th year anniversary of the Lifestyle Practice Builders podcast! We’re just now getting around to celebrating because I took this past summer off. I put making podcasts on hold so that I could focus on our daughters all summer, and we had a blast! But, back to work I go, sharing and helping you all get to a place in your life where you know becoming a chiropractor was the best choice for you. For Rich and I, becoming chiropractors and practicing the Lifestyle Practice Builders way, we’ve been able to spend several years catering to raising our kids, and almost 9 years now of me being a stay at home working mom. We’ve made lots of great choices that put us in a place today where we’re living a life better than we had imagined. We have a part time practice in KS and Rich is the assistant dean of clinical education at Cleveland University. Along with those roles and Lifestyle Practice Builders we’ve been able to help hundreds of students each year navigate the transition from chiropractic student to chiropractic clinic intern and into chiropractic practice. We live in a beautiful home, a great community, and our kids are living a life we never imagined we’d be able to provide for. And I'm here to tell you all that it’s not about luck. It’s about strategy, hard work, patience, and determination - everything we share with you on this podcast because we want you all to live a life better than you could have ever imagined!

Chiropractic Career Planning Workshop

If you are new to Lifestyle Practice Builders, then welcome to the family! There are close to 200 podcast episodes for you to get caught up on! Don’t stop there though, we have a robust website at with many, detailed blog posts to also get you started. If you’ve been here before then you know this episode is a long time coming, thanks for coming back we appreciate you! So why the delay? What have I been working on? Well, if you’re a chiropractic student who’s starting to think about, plan, and make decisions about life after chiropractic school then I’ve created a special Chiropractic Student Career Planning Workshop series for you. Besides seeing patients, this is what I spent the last few months working on. Even if you think you know exactly what you’re going to do after graduation then this workshop is still for you. One of our strengths has always been taking advantage of listening to and learning from the information we come across. During this workshop you will learn about the most popular options after graduation, what you’ll need to think about to pick the BEST choice for you, and everything you can start working on now in order to succeed! There’s also several bonuses we’ve created to go along with the training. Learn more at

Bonus: Money Management Course

So what are these new courses? Well, after many years of visiting and sharing with Chiropractic students, we've decided to combine our presentations, bring them online, and give anyone willing to invest a small amount in themselves a step up towards success after graduation. You will never regret learning more. When you visit you will have the opportunity to join us for our two newest courses. The first course is a career planning workshop, where I simplify everything about the choices you’ll have after graduation, how you should choose the path that's right for you and your next steps along that path. When you get the career planning workshop, you’ll also get our bonus money management course. Money management is a life skill and during this online course, I break down the basics of money for you so you can start saving today to make the choices you need to have and feel successful after graduation. These are the same money management skills I used to graduate with much less debt than my peers and money in the bank to help start our practice. I want to give you the same step up I gave myself!

Invest in Your Future!

These courses together cost less than most nights out, so stay in tonight, invest in yourself, and start planning your future! You will not regret getting a Smart Start! Learn more at!

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