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#188: How Chiropractors Can Utilize Profit First in Their Practices with Holly A. Tucker, DC

Holly A. Tucker, DC, MPH, CHES, FASA

Today I invited Dr. Holly A. Tucker to be on the podcast to discuss implementing Profit First in her practice. She's a Chiropractic Physician certified in Acupuncture. She’s also a Certified Health Education Specialist, the Founder & CEO of Active Family Wellness and co-host of the ChiroMom Podcast. 

Dr. Holly's love for healthcare business operations and numbers started nearly 20 years ago, running a medical billing department in college, to opening a practice with her spouse, serving in various leadership roles on the state, national and international levels, and most recently, serving as a business coach for women in chiropractic. She practiced in East Tennessee with her husband, Dr. Jude Miller for 7 years until relocating to the Memphis area. She’s mom to Kid Chefs Tristan & Noah, who love sharing healthy recipes and nutrition lessons on instagram.

Profit First - Mike Michalowicz

Profit First is a book written by Mike Michalowicz and used by many Chiropractors to simplify accounting in their practice and guarantee long-term growth. In today's podcast episode, Dr. Holly A. Tucker, and I discuss how her and her husband implemented Profit First in their practice and how that helped them to have predictable take home income.

Dr. Holly and I also discuss:

  • Working with a spouse
  • Starting and building a practice
  • Efficient systems that help grow a practice
  • Recommendations for new docs
  • Recommendations for practicing docs looking for inspiration
  • Something they've had to overcome in practice
  • Her favorite book
  • The best business advice she ever received
  • The ChiroMom Podcast

Connect with Dr. Holly A. Tucker

Instagram: @drhollyatucker @activefamilykitchen @chiromompodcast


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