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#186: Chiropractors Need to Work Together Towards a Common Goal to Increase Utilization of Care

Why Are Chiropractors Divided?

I got to thinking about the last episode, and I want you guys to know that so many of you responded to my Instagram poll and the questions that I had about the underutilization of chiropractic care. We are working against ourselves by being chiropractors divided on our mission. There's such a division in chiropractic and I want you guys to know that I know, from talking with many of you, that we all agree that chiropractic is underutilized. We also have the same opinion as to why. It comes down to a lack of education about what chiropractic is and the misinformation and misconceptions of all those things. I think it's because we are so stuck on fighting each other that we aren't focusing on what it is we do and putting it out there so that people can find the right chiropractor for him/herself, and move on with care. I really want to double down on all of the things that I said last week that we can be doing to spread the word about chiropractic and educate our communities on what it is that we do. Listen to this episode of the Lifestyle Practice Builders Podcast on Spotify | iTunes !

Chiropractors Have a Responsibility to Show Up!

It's up to each of us in our own communities to use our social media, to use our connections, to use our relationships that we're making in the community, in order to get the word out about chiropractic and what it is we do in our office, regardless of what others do in their offices. We're all different and that's okay. Let's embrace each other and our differences. All pediatricians are different. My brother and I have different pediatricians for our kids, because we have different goals for our kids' healthcare. All MDs are different. My brother and I have different MDs that we see, because we have different needs when it comes to going to an MD. Chiropractors need to get over the fact that we're all different, support each other, support who we are in chiropractic, and that none of us is for everyone.

Chiropractors - Stop Dividing and Start Connecting!

Chiropractors need to move on from this internal conflict and treat the people that come into our office. The best thing that we can do is realize how different we are, meet each other, and refer to each other the patients that aren't a good fit for our office. I was reading back through all of your responses to my Instagram stories and I truly appreciate anyone who took time to respond to the questions. As I was reading back through them to see how you guys all felt, it really put a fire in me that I needed to put out another little short podcast that reinforces that we're all in this together. We're all chiropractors. We all went to chiropractic school. We all want to help the people in our community be healthier and live better lives. So, it's up to each one of us to put that message out in our community. To effect the change that we want to see in chiropractic. To see an increase in utilization of chiropractic care. 

Refer Patients to Other Chiropractors - Find a Better Fit

I hope you all take this well and move out into what you're doing. Share the message of your office and what it is you do. Think about what I've said about referring to other chiropractors when someone needs something that's not what your practice does. Look for other chiropractors to refer to. I don't think it should be be that strange to refer to other chiropractors. There are lots of offices that have different chiropractors within the office and they refer the patients between each other. This should be common regardless of where we're at. Hopefully we can start doing this to build better relationships and really grow the utilization of chiropractic care in our area. 

Let's Connect & Collaborate

I hope you all enjoyed this. I hope it inspires you to think differently about the rift in chiropractic and see how we can work through this. Thank you for listening to my rant. If this resonates with you, then please send me a DM, let me know I'm not totally off my rocker.

Create Better Chiropractic Social Media Content

I hope you guys start to create better chiropractic content for your social media profiles. There's a million reasons why creating this content is good. It gives your website SEO, because you're blogging, It gives you content for your marketing, and it helps people understand what it is that you do so that they can come in and get the care that you provide. Take care, have an awesome day! 

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