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#185: Why is Chiropractic an Underutilized Resource and Tips To Increase Utilization

Why is Chiropractic Care Underutilized?!

Today we’re going to encourage you to keep growing! A couple of weeks ago, I was on a call with a chiropractor that we helped a few years ago transition from student to private practice. I was checking in with him to see how he’s doing. This chiropractor was one of the first students to reach out to us for private coaching, and we were able to help him tremendously through the process of opening his own clinic. During the course of our phone conversation, it came up that this podcast and the resources we’ve created are underutilized. This hurts! It got me thinking about a lot of things and really got me thinking about the underutilization of chiropractic care.

You might have seen a poll in my Instagram stories yesterday asking about this, and y’all voted like crazy that you agree. Here are some of the things you shared:

  • Chiropractors seem like a last resort instead of the first stop for prevention
  • People don’t understand the importance of it
  • People don’t understand all the benefits it has to offer
  • It’s misunderstood
  • There’s misinformation
  • So many misconceptions
  • People don’t understand the value of it
  • People don’t understand we treat the whole body, not just the thoracic and lumbar spine...

These are all so true! We all know chiropractic care can prevent surgeries, restore function, and optimize health in so many different ways! 

Can Chiropractors Solve this Problem?

So as i got off the phone call, i felt defeated for a minute. We know that our podcast, this podcast, can help so many students, associates, and new docs as they transition from student to doctor, or struggling to success. It crushes me to think it’s underutilized... 

After that brief moment of defeat though, I quickly transitioned myself into problem solver mode. I thought, how can I help spread the knowledge, stories, and valuable content we have on the Lifestyle Practice Builders podcast? And, how at the same time can I help spread chiropractic so that more people understand it and utilize it? I know we can do this! We can boost the podcast and boost chiropractic, so that’s my goal for this podcast episode. I’m going to share with you the ways i’m going to spread the podcast, so you can use the same strategies to spread chiropractic. It’s a ripple effect that can help! Each of us holds this power everyday, to send a wave through our efforts to effect change in our own homes first, in our own families, in our own communities, and beyond.

It Starts with Mindset!

So, I will start with Marketing! Well, actually I started with Mindset! See how I took my feelings of defeat and let them come out by being productive. At first I was defeated, but then i knew i needed to do something about it and switched to problem solver mode. Start doing this in your own lives! You will feel defeated in school, in practice, in marriage, as a parent. Realize in your mind the opportunity to use that defeat to fuel your progress, to strategize a better result, and a better outcome. Okay, so that’s what we're talking about. We’re talking about strategy! 

Let's Boost Chiropractic!

Let’s look at some of the things I’m planning to do! They are all things you can be doing to boost your clinic and chiropractic in your community. We need to put better, more frequent, more valuable information out there. Let’s educate the masses on what it is we do!

Create Content for Your Community!

So for us in our practice and for the podcast, we’re going to engage with our market online and through social media.

  • Increase paid advertising in social media
  • Create a more dynamic approach to spreading content, by adding YouTube, IGTV, IG reels, and more IG Stories, adding Tik Tok, Facebook lives, and more IG posts to get the word out about the podcast, podcast episodes, guests, and topics.

Use Social Media Effectively

These are all things you can be doing for chiropractic and your practice. If you’re a student then learn how to use social media effectively, build up your content to share, and create relationships in your community. If you’re a practicing doctor then hire someone to help with this or do more of it yourself. If you are not yet at capacity in your practice then figure all of these things out! Social media, especially this last year, has become so important for sharing our message and building community. Use it, and use it effectively...

Have a Conversation with your Community

Reach out and have more conversations/get feedback from those you’ve interacted with: 

  • People who have bought - get feedback about our products, and share. You can get feedback from the patients in your office. What do they love most about the practice? What’s something they’d change?
  • People who haven’t bought - why didn’t they buy? Maybe call patients that only came in once that you thought you hit it off with. See how they are and ask genuinely why they didn’t return. Most of the time we do this, it’s because they’re better and they do come back for their next episode of care. That will make you feel better, and regain confidence.
  • People who might buy in the future -how can we support them before their purchase. Where are they stuck? What’s their vision or plan? Reach out to your network. 

Find some Influencers!

Do some outreach to Influencers. Who else is supporting or influencing the group? How can we support them? In the past we’ve spoken at the schools, shared on other podcasts, shared the stage with others that also support the same audience.You can do this by working with influencers in your community. What other health professionals can you connect with? What rec centers or gyms can you team up with? Look for these connections! In the past year I’ve been making these connections through social media and hopping on Zoom calls, so it doesn’t have to be hard or awkward. Pick-up the phone and call some places you might like to work with and ask how you can help. Scroll Instagram and find others in your area and reach out, get to know them! What’s the worst that can happen? They don’t write back? Move on to the next, you’ll find your tribe!

Ask for Reviews & Referrals

Today I asked a couple of our Foundation members to leave us a review on facebook. Reviews help others know that a resource is worth the investment, and also what to expect to get out of the program. The Foundation membership works along with ChiroPlanner, where we can also help support you all through the opening process. Lots of great things happen in that Facebook group, so we need to spread the word. This week, I saw a post in one of the chiropractic facebook groups i’m in talking about how the person was taken advantage of by another coach, several thousand dollars to purchase her sleezy sales support. Makes me so mad. Not only are our resources so much more affordable, but we give great advice and support! To make matters worse, on this post, several others commented about having the same experience. No wonder there’s little trust in one another in our profession. I beg you to rise up and be the difference and share what’s working for you with other chiropractors. 

Help Boost the Lifestyle Practice Builders Podcast

I’m going to start by asking all of you today. If you find value in listening to this podcast then please share it with a friend. Start by asking your friend if they listen to podcasts. Podcast listeners are still in the minority and your friend might need you to walk them through the process of finding a way to listen to it, or an explanation of what a podcast is. Also, find an episode you’ve really enjoyed and share it on your social media. If you find a useful resource, share that too! A rising tide lifts all waves!

Have a Live Event!

Live Event - of course right now that will look a little different! We recommend having an event in your office at least once every other year. Inviting as many past patients and community members you can to enjoy and participate. We haven’t done an event for the podcast, but we’re planning a virtual workshop. Look for that soon!

There's Always Room at the Top

I hope you can take at least one thing away from this podcast to implement in your practice or life to grow. Whether it be stepping up your social media game - and have fun with it! Starting paid advertising, building better relationships with past and future patients, creating a bigger/stronger network, asking for current patients/friends to review and refer, or creating a live event! Let’s bring more passion to our purpose. Let’s share how and why chiropractic works. Let’s inform our communities! Like Dr. Laura said in our interview, “There’s always room at the top!”

Leave the Podcast a Review! Subscribe!

I’m going to ask again because we want to help more people. If you’ve found value in the podcast? If you follow us on Instagram? If you’re in our free facebook group? If you’ve had a strategy call with one of us? Please go leave us a review on Facebook. Leave us a review on Apple podcasts. Please subscribe to the podcast and share the podcast with your chiropractic student and chiropractor friends. Rich and I are doing what we wish someone had done before us. We’re giving the help we would have wanted when we were starting, growing, and adding to our practices. If you are learning from us, then please help us spread the word. With more listeners, we can bring on bigger guests and we can create more resources for you! I just secured a big interview this week. Someone who I’ll be interviewing next month, so they can share their expert advice with you!

Thank You for Listening!

We will continue to support you all by following your IG accounts and commenting on your posts. We appreciate you! We want to see you all succeed! Thank you for listening today. Also, look for weekly episodes, coming out on Wednesdays! This will give us the time we need to do all of these other things. There are almost 200 episodes to go back to and listen through the week! Have a great day!

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