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#180: Everything You Need to Know About Being an Amazing Podcast Guest

Do You Want to Be on a Podcast?

Are you interested in being on a podcast? Has someone asked you to be on their podcast? Today’s episode I’m going to talk about what you need to think about or do if you ever have the opportunity to get on a podcast.

Should You Be on a Podcast?

First, should you be on? Make sure it’s a good fit for you. Do you know the podcast? Do you know the host? If not, then before you say yes, listen to a few episodes. Do a little online research and make sure it’s a good fit. 

What Value Can You Bring to the Podcast?

As you are searching, if it feels like a good fit, then think about what you have to share that would be of value to the podcast’s audience. These can be things you’ve written blogs about, shared on social media, or tips you share often with patients when they come in. For example. This week I was on Josh Satterlee’s podcast, Clinic Gym Radio. On his podcast I shared the 5 Things You Must Know Before You Start a Practice. His podcast audience is made up of Chiropractors and Physical Therapists that want to have a clinic-gym hybrid, so those foundational elements that I talk about in the 5 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Practice are important for students wanting to eventually open a clinic-gym hybrid or add a gym to their clinic in the future. Everyone needs to build those foundational elements, in order to succeed with their end goal. Josh and I had a great conversation about all 5 as they affect the success of every practice. The topic was good for both of us to talk about and bring the most value the two of us could bring to his podcast audience together. 

Approach the Podcast to be a Guest

If you haven’t been asked to be on the podcast, but you’ve found a podcast you’d like to be on, then send a message - email, txt, DM on Facebook or Instagram. Introduce yourself. Let the host know that you’ve listened to their podcast and what you liked about the podcast episodes you listened to. Then introduce yourself and share the topic that you’d like to share on their podcasts that you think might be interesting to their audience. You can even list 3 topics and let them pick one. They might like one more than the others, or they might like to touch on two or all 3. 

Follow-up & Build a Relationship

If you don’t get a response then I’d follow up a week later. Still no answer? I’d try one more time, using a different avenue. If you sent an email, then try calling or sending a DM on social media. Still no answer, start interacting with them on Instagram by liking and commenting on posts, share their stories, etc. Don’t get crazy, but authentically interact. I would even start with this a couple times before contacting them with your podcast request.

You Need a Great Bio!

Once you’ve gotten the okay and scheduled with the podcaster, then make sure you have a nice, quality portrait picture to share with them, and a short, to the point bio. The bio should be detailed to the reason you are on the podcast. If it’s a podcast for moms, then what makes you most qualified to share with moms. If it’s for athletes then stress the things that make you most qualified to work with athletes. Get help from someone if this isn’t your strength. Bios are extremely important, we revise ours often and make sure they are speaking to our ideal patient and include updated credentials.

What is Your Message?

Next, this is an extremely important piece, prepare yourself! What is your message? Do you want more of your ideal patients coming into your office from the podcast? What words will you use to connect with those people. What will help you? Write blogs, write an ebook, create a resource for this person. I recommend 3-5 points that you’ll hit on the podcast, why those are important, and most importantly what are their next steps? Can they send you a DM on instagram? Can they go to your website? Can you create a short URL for them to get the resource? For example, we use,, and these all cost us $15 a year and point to other pages on our website. It’s easier for us to point people in the right direction. 

You Need a Call to Action!

What is the value you bring to the audience? What is your call to action for the audience? These are the two most important things when it comes to being on the podcast. 

Be an Awesome Podcast Guest!

On the day of the podcast, make sure you are on time, in a quiet place, have a quality internet connection, and equipment that will work (computer or headphones with mic). Also, turn off notifications on your computer, silence your phone, and silence your kids/dogs/spouses, haha.

Share the Podcast Everywhere!

After the podcast, the podcaster is going to get to work. It is a lot of work for them, or it’s expensive for them to take the interview, create a final product and market the podcast. The best thing you can do is to help promote and share the podcast interview through all of your social media accounts. I am blown away by the amount of guests we have on the show that don’t use the podcast to promote themselves, share it on their facebook, Instagram, facebook group, etc. A podcast is such a great way to help people get to know you and how they can work with you. It builds a connection that is very different from an IG or facebook post. As long as you are authentic, provide value, and connect the dots for a possible future patient, then they will follow your call to action and find you. 

Spread your Message on Podcasts!

Let’s bring it all together here. Podcasts are a phenomenal way to connect with future patients. Find local podcasts or health focused podcasts where you can bring some value, connect with the podcaster to be a guest, create the content that will bring the most value to their audience, show up as your best self, then share the episode anywhere you can!

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