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#175: Teaching you How to Create a Plan to Reach Your Goals and Put Growth Activities on Your Calendar

Taking your Goal and Creating a Plan

How do you take your most important goals and create an actual plan to reach them? I'll show you how I do this in today's episode. I also talk through part of my 2021 marketing plan that I'll use to grow my network and the future of my practice. This is a great episode for chiropractic students, chiropractic associates, and practicing chiropractors! 

My Chiropractic Goals for 2021

Last week I asked on Instagram stories if this would be a good topic and several of you responded yes, so i’m going to take a few minutes today and talk a little bit about how I make a plan based on my goals. I’ve talked on the podcast a bit about how i’ll be practicing a lot more toward the end of this year. Knowing that it gives me a long runway to make some goals for getting back into practice. If you’re a chiropractic student or chiropractic associate then you may be in the same boat. If you’re in practice then you might have similar goals, but with a shorter timeline. Since I already have an office space and business, my focus will mostly revolve around network building, marketing, and taking seminars, such as the Webster certification ICPA seminar I was at this past weekend.

My Chiropractic Marketing Plan 2021

Let’s focus on one goal I specifically have for this podcast episode. I want to build up marketing content, SEO, and social media for my practice. This will help me connect with other professionals in the area, people in my community, and establish a larger web presence for myself in the time leading up to practice. Because I am limited on the amount of time I can actually be in the office now, I’m not concerned with getting people in the door, but more concerned with building the relationships that will lead to patients coming in later. 

Creating a Plan to Reach My Goal

So I’ll break my goal down in order to make it more specific, because my goal to build up marketing content, SEO, and social media for my practice is very vague at this point. I haven’t established exactly how I’ll do that, so thinking through those steps will help me create my plan. Creating marketing content will build up SEO and it will be what I post to social media, so my focus will be creating marketing content, which will include creating blog posts based on: 

  • Patients I enjoy treating and common issues I enjoy caring for and see most often in my office. 
  • Nutritional tips, recipes, and books I recommend
  • Supplements I recommend
  • Local businesses and events my family enjoys or attends
  • Updated health information
  • Parenting books, website recommendations
  • Local professionals/practices I’ve connected with
  • Exercise and workout focus

Scheduling My Plan on My Calendar

From brain dumping this I see that I have 8 months and 8 topics, which helps me think out my plan to focus each month on one topic. I can then break that down even more. I could try to do 4 blog posts a month and create 2 social media posts for each blog. Knowing this then I can decide this will take me 3 hours a week and then put it on my calendar every Wednesday from 9am-noon I’ll focus on that week’s blog post and social media post. By the time I open my practice I’ll have 32 blog posts, 64 or more social media posts, I will have connected with at least 4 local professionals/practices, at least 4 local businesses. 

Your Action Plan!

So, think of a goal you have. How are you going to reach that goal? What activities will help you reach the goal? When can you schedule time to do those activities? Put them on your schedule. I recommend reviewing if what you’re doing is working at least quarterly. You’ll have to determine how often you review your goal. For mine. I’ll check in to see how i’m doing at the end of March. See if I want to do more, do less, and as i get closer to opening I can add on other activities that will help me with my goal. I can begin planning an in office event. I can attend networking events, etc…

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