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#174: Who Do You Need to Become to Build Your Dream Chiropractic Practice Interview Part 2 with Jennifer Belville

Building You Dream Chiropractic Practice

Jennifer was so awesome to talk to. She knows a lot about business and what it takes to be successful, to scale, and become the person you need to be in order to grow and operate your dream chiropractic practice. Thanks again Jennifer for being on the show and thank you to you all for listening today. If you enjoy this episode then please share with others. When you share the podcast with others it helps us to grow the show, bring on guests, and create a better experience for you! Listen below, on Spotify, or iTunes now!

Chiropractic Accountant Jennifer Belville - Part 2

Jennifer Belville is the CEO and co-founder of Chiro Pro Accounting. She has over a decade of experience working in accounting with small businesses and Chiropractors. Jennifer specializes in accounting, payroll, tax planning, financial coaching, and Chiropractic business development. She is an accounting expert in the Chiropractic field and is a speaker at Chiropractic seminars.

Chiro Pro Accounting

From our interview you will learn that Jennifer isn’t just any accountant. She’s dedicated not only to chiropractors but to the success of our profession and our practices. Her business, ChiroPro Accounting, doesn’t just want to file a quick tax return for you –– their goal is to help you transform your business (which usually leads to a whole new level of wealth and impact in your personal life). Stay tuned for part 2 later this week!

Chiropractic Accounting Questions

In this episode Jennifer and Haley discuss these topics:

  • What can chiropractors expect for 2021?
  • Starting a chiropractic practice in 2021 is a great time!
  • Is the SBA loaning money in 2021?
  • How are SBA rates in 2021?
  • Why you need to create a chiropractic business plan!
  • Why you need to take ownership of your efforts!
  • How has choosing a niche affected Jennifer's accounting practice?
  • Why are Chiropractors the best?
  • What business challenges has Jennifer had to overcome to build her business?
  • Jennifer talks about playing it safe, having employees, and making minuet shifts to grow and succeed in business.
  • How can you make a mindset shift to build your dream chiropractic practice?
  • Why is feedback important?
  • Jennifer recommends Brendon Burchard's Millionaire Message!
  • What is Jennifer's best business advice she's received?
  • What money mindset shift to Jennifer make to grow?

Contact Chiropractic Accountant Jennifer Belville

Find Jennifer at or on Facebook, in her facebook group for chiros, Financially Adjusted for Chiros.

Opening a Chiropractic Practice in 2021?

Taking the leap from student or Chiropractic Associate to small business owner is HUGE! There’s so much to know and it gets overwhelming thinking about all the steps involved, in order to create a business, find a location, and get open. So many unknowns, so many steps to truly fulfilling your dreams of owning and operating your own clinic. That’s why we created this podcast series for you. We were once in your shoes and we know what it’s like to feel lost in a sea full of information. We want to help by clarifying some of the key concepts you’ll need to understand before making that transition. The more you know, the better off you’ll be in practice. Fully understanding these elements and how they affect you and your future practice will lead to your future success! So let’s add some success tools to your toolbox!

Free E-book for Chiropractors Starting into Practice

If you haven’t already downloaded the ebook that goes along with this series, visit download it today. In the ebook, there are action steps for each of the 5 things we’re talking about in this series, and it’s a great way to get started as you pursue your dream of opening your own chiropractic practice. And if you’re a nerd like me then it’s nice to have a workbook to print off and take notes on while you listen to the podcast.

Podcast for Chiropractors

Want help with this process? Want like minded friends pursuing extraordinary goals? Join us in our facebook group. Follow us on Instagram @lifestylepractice. We have helped hundreds of students and chiropractors find start and build their own practices. We’d love to help you, wherever you’re at, to create and fulfill your own vision.

Chiropractic Resources Starting into Practice

We're creating the resources we wish we had when we first started! Hang out with us, download the resources, and make a plan! We can't wait to get to know you and help you make some of those tough decisions. Your success is our goal! 

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