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#172: What Needs to Change for You to Be the Best Chiropractor in 2021?

Being the Best Chiropractor in 2021

I’m so excited for this episode today. Excited to share with you some thoughts for the new year. I don’t dwell on the past, so if last year was tough for you, start to look forward! There’s no better way to move on from the past than to think about how the next year can be better and act on it. If 2020 was a good year for you, then how can you double down this year on all the things that worked in 2020 to make 2021 that much better? 

Make a Plan for Success in 2021

Today I’m going to talk through where my head is at for 2021, some things I’m going to do differently, and what things I’m working on for the podcast and for rebuilding my own chiropractic practice. I hope this inspires you to take some time today to set some goals for 2021, and make a plan for how you’re going to achieve them. When you are done, you should have your first quarter planned out, like with actual things on your calendar that are going to help you reach those goals. You should also have a general idea of what the rest of the year will look like, but don’t need it as planned out as the first quarter. 

My Word for the Year is Intentional

To start, I’m not one for new year's resolutions or having a word for the year. I think that each day is an opportunity for positive change and growth, so when Jan 1st rolls around, it’s no different than any day of the year for me. But, for whatever reason, this year I’m doing this. My word for the year is INTENTIONAL. I’m also resolving to not eat sugar unless it’s someone’s birthday, because to not have dessert with someone on their birthday is sacrilege. I have no idea why these things crept into my head to change for 2021, but getting rid of sugar and focusing on Intenion feels right, so I’ll explain the significance of each.

Cutting out sugar, honestly isn’t a big change or a big deal. In the past I’ve been a candy-aholic, but in the last 5 years I’ve eaten drastically less, however, this past month I’ve eaten a lot, with the holidays, movie nights, etc. The real reason I’m choosing to not eat it in 2021 is to be a little healthier, but also to remind myself of the second element that I really want to focus on, and that’s to be more intentional overall. That’s also why my word for the year is INTENTIONAL. I feel like by being intentional with this one thing it will remind me of how I want to be intentional with everything else.

Being Mindful of Choices

For me, I have made a lot of intentional choices. My parents were hands off, so I was very independent and allowed to make decisions for myself early on. In high school I chose what I thought was the best college for myself. When I graduated from college, with a business degree, I interviewed at several large companies and ultimately chose not to find a cubicle job, because I knew I couldn’t be happy doing that. No one I talked to was happy doing their job. And although I had no idea of what I wanted to do, I kept making choices that seemed congruent with my passions and goals. I tried working in restaurants and going to culinary school, with a focus on healthy foods, which ultimately led me to chiropractic, my husband, a practice, our podcast, writing a book, and a life I'm all too happy to be a part of. Being intentional allowed me to build a dream life, and to be honest, I still feel like I’m just getting started. There’s a fire in me to build and do more, to help more people in business and in health, two of my very biggest passions. 

This Year I'm 10Xing my Intention

So this year I’ve decided to be even more intentional - intentional with all of my communication, intentional with my parenting, intentional with my patients, intentional in my relationships, and intentional with all of my decisions. I’ve made a lot of strides in my life by being intentional, mindful, focused, and consistent and for me being intentional sums up all of these together in one word. 

Being Mindful Leads to Success

When I’m mindful of my choices, I take leaps. So, think about what has worked for you, maybe you need a word for the new year. Make sure it’s something that resonates and feels right for you. If you’re a student then think about connecting with mentors, developing your skills and knowledge, and putting feelers out for your future-visiting the area you want to practice in, meeting people in that community, and visualizing your future there. If you’re a practicing chiropractor think about what worked for you last year and in what ways you can push yourself out of your comfort zone. Do you need to be more social to build more connections? Do you need to be more efficient in your practice? How can you fix leaks in your patient journey? Where are patients dropping off of their treatment plan and how can you fix that? What marketing is working for you and how can you be more effective with it this year? Also, what isn’t working? What things can you let go of? What hours can you let go of? When can you take more time for yourself to work on the practice or to spend more time with your family? Think about all of these things, whether you’re a student or practicing chiro and think about how you can make changes this year to increase the positive and decrease the negative.

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The 5 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Practice - Update

One of the things I worked really hard on last year was developing the 5 week series of podcasts for the 5 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Practice ebook. If you haven’t downloaded it yet or listened to the podcasts then I highly recommend doing that today. Download the ebook at then listen to podcasts #158, 160, 162, 165, and 167. The podcasts dive deep into all 5 topics you must know before starting a practice. I put a lot of time into creating that series to help students and practicing docs building a solid foundation in their practices. With that series we also sold more ChiroPlanners and courses the last 2 months than in any other 2 months. So, my intention, focus, and consistency paid off. I was able to reach more, help more, and make more! I’m planning to edit the ebook and the emails that go along with the podcasts, so we can help even more! 

The 2021 Startup Bundle

If you’ve been listening to the podcast and following us on Instagram then you also know we’ve been selling the 2021 Startup Bundle for those of you graduating and starting a practice in 2021. The bundle includes a ChiroPlanner and a full year in The Foundation membership we have. You can learn more about this at This is the ultimate resource to help you get started this year with our help. The Foundation is a startup library of information that goes along with the planner. It also includes a private facebook group where I will be doing live trainings, answering questions, and posting helpful resources for starting and growing your practice. I plan to go live in that group at least once a month to dive in on topics such as billing, insurance, marketing, networking, social media, building a brand - everything you need to know to get started!

Chiropractic Podcast Guests

I also want to have more podcast guests, but being intentional with the ones we bring on the show. This is hard, ya’ll! If you have recommendations or want to be a guest then send me a DM on instagram. I will continue to seek out genuine, honest, passionate guests that will help you be and do better! So, for the podcast I’m focusing on helping more of you by making the resources we have better, developing the trainings for The Foundation and continuing to bring you up to date resources and information on the podcast.

Rebuilding My Chiropractic Practice in 2021

As for rebuilding my practice. If all things go well, then I’ll be able to return to full time-ish practice in September. For that I have already started to make strategic networking connections in the community, signed up for a seminar next weekend, and rebuilding our practice website and a website for myself. I’ve also been working on developing an online health program for my patients. 8 months feels like a long way a way but it will creep up and I want to have all of these things going before then. A full website, social media content, blog and possibly even another podcast at least in the works. 

I will continue to share and update you all on these things each month on the podcast for a couple reasons. One to help give you all ideas on what you can be doing - if you’re a student, then what you can be doing before you open or if you’re in practice, what you can implement in your practice. Also, sharing with you on my progress will help hold me accountable to what I want to accomplish, which will be especially hard those last few months when I’m spending the summer with the girls before they return to school. I feel like I’ll need a plan, for my plan, for my plan.

Set Goals & Make a Plan for your First Quarter

There is a lot to be done! Right?! I’m going to take this weekend to really plan out my first quarter, more than I ever have. I hope you will too, be intentional about your goals, your plans, and your actions this year! How can you improve in 2021? Write down your specific goals for the year, read them daily! Think of what you need to do and the person you need to be to reach these goals. Get creative with your plan and push yourself. And I want to leave you with one more thought, success comes from service. Anyone who has been successful has fulfilled a need. If you want to be successful then find ways to serve more people, help more people, and help your community. All of these things will help you become more successful. This should be really easy as chiropractors, but it doesn’t just mean by being a chiropractor. Be a part of something bigger! For me, it’s helping students and chiropractors, helping in my daughter’s school, and working with my professional connections to create a better plan for families in our community. Where can you serve more?!

I wish you all a happy new year. Rich and I have big dreams for you and your success in 2021! Take care and enjoy this weekend with your family!

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