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#170: Strategy Call with Chiropractic Student Colton Purscell - Part 1

Chiropractic Student - Colton Purscell

Colton Purscell, 27 years old, from Fort Worth Texas. Started undergrad at a small Div. 3 school where he played basketball. He transferred to TCU to finish his B.S. in Kinesiology. After school he wasn't sure if he wanted to pursue  a PT or Chiropractic degree, so he took some time personal training and coaching basketball. After 1.5 year of that Colton decided to make the move to Florida were he's now a student at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL. (Spotify | iTunes)

Chiropractic Student Strategy Call

Colton is interested in opening his own chiropractic office in TX after graduation. On our call we discussed several things Colton will need to consider as he makes progress to opening his first clinic. We appreciate Colton for taking the time to be on the podcast. His questions are common for Chiropractic students wanting to open after graduation, so there's a lot to learn during this episode, if that's you!

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Working While in Chiropractic School

We begin our talk with a discussion about working while in Chiropractic school. I had several jobs while in school and Colton is currently a trainer at Orange Theory Fitness. He started the job after getting bored curing the first few months of the Covid Pandemic. Colton enjoys working. Like me, he believes that having a job during school is helpful to keeping him on task as well as saving him money towards opening his practice!

Some other topics Colton and I discuss during today's talk:

  • Practice Location
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Website Design
  • Buying X-ray
  • Building relationships with the local high school

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