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#164: Starting a Chiropractic Practice in 2021? Bonus Burst with Chiropractor Haley Day

Starting a Chiropractic Practice in 2021?

2021 may seem like a daunting time to start a chiropractic practice, but we are proof that you can start a practice during a hard economic time and succeed. We are also here to support you through the process. On today's podcast for chiropractors, produced by Lifestyle Practice Builders, I talk all about the resources we've created to help chiropractic students as they transition from student to chiropractic practice owner. Listen now (Spotify | iTunes)

Chiropractic Startup Bundle 2021

We put together a bundle for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that we felt was like such a good deal and start-up resource for chiropractors, called the 2021 Startup Bundle! The bundle includes:

  • The ChiroPlanner ($64 Value)
  • 2021 membership to The Foundation ($247 Value)
  • Strategy Call with Dr. Rich or Dr. Haley($197 Value)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Online Trainings & Q&A

This is an awesome opportunity to get the help you need to get your doors open in 2021 at an affordable cost.

The ChiroPlanner


2021 Membership to The Foundation

Start-up Strategy Call

Private Facebook Group

Online Trainings & Q&A

Mentorship & Confidence


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