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#163: 9 Reasons I'm Thankful for Chiropractic, Bonus Burst with Chiropractor Haley Day

Thankful for Chiropractic!

This week is all about giving thanks! I don’t normally talk about my love of chiropractic, but I’m gonna get all mushy today! If you’ve had a hard year, you’re looking for more, or you’re excited about your future in chiropractic then stay tuned! These are the reasons I love Chiropractic. Maybe they’ll inspire you to make some changes, find your vision or even a new vision for yourself and your life. 

1 - A Purpose Driven Life

My number 1 favorite thing about chiropractic is that when i decided to become a chiropractor, it gave me purpose. Until that point, I had avoided working in a cubicle and I actually liked all of the other jobs I had had before deciding to go to chiropractic school. I liked the people I worked with, but I never felt like I had found my purpose. I always felt like I could do more and help more people by doing something else. When I started chiropractic school it was nice to land on one thing I could focus on that would allow me to make a big difference, be my own boss, and enjoy my life. I could feel it in my bones(pun intended) that being a chiropractor would not only change my life, but help me positively change others’ lives too. I never wanted to find a job where I could fall asleep at the wheel. Chiropractic fills all my job needs, because it doesn’t feel like a job!

2 - Chiropractic Helped Me!

The effect chiropractic care has had on my life. I had my first adjustment in college. I worked for a chiropractor, was having upper back pain as i had been having for years with no relief, and he gave me an adjustment. Over the course of the next few months I continued care for poor posture, I also started stretching, got massages, and felt much better than I had in years. Prior to getting adjusted I had gone to my MD(prescribed muscle relaxers at 19 years old), I tried PT(poor communication and substandard care), so i gave up! Now that I’ve been adjusted for 20 years, my posture is noticeably different which includes all the benefits of better posture-stonger core, better breathing, less tension, better spine health from proper motion and wear, improved circulation and digestion.

3 - Couples in Chiropractic

Obviously my husband! Rich and I have 3 beautiful daughters, and a beautiful home, in an awesome community. I’m in awe of the life we’ve built. I have no idea how this would have turned out had I not become a Chiropractor, but I like to think I’m living my best life. I’ll get all mushy about Rich on another podcast episode, just kidding!

4 - Dr. Mom - My Kid's Health

Being a Chiropractor has given me the knowledge needed to care for myself and our family that mixes what I believe to be the right mix of modern and alternative medicine. I’ve taken so much better care of myself the last 15 years, than I ever did before and I can pass that along to my kids. They have awesome health habits and I think becoming a chiropractor has played a big role in that. Their health isn’t just at the top of my mind, but it is theirs too!

5 - Health Advocate in My Community

The knowledge needed to play an active role in positively influencing those in our community. I love taking care of our patients, investing time and money into helping our community, and being a health advocate for everyone I know.

6 - Our Chiropractic Family

The countless friendships we made in school with teachers, administration, and classmates. Most of Rich and I’s best friends came from our time in Chiropractic school. We travel together, raise our kids together, and celebrate together - they’re our framily. We also kept in touch with faculty and administration at Cleveland. I worked there the whole time I was in school and most of my patients were faculty and administration. It’s been fun being back, meeting new people there and getting to know and help the students at Cleveland. 

7 - My Network is My Net Worth

The many friendships I’ve made networking and meeting business owners in the communities we’ve worked and lived in. The Chamber director threw my baby shower when I was pregnant with our first daughter, and most of the guests were other business owners from the area.

8 - See Me Flex

The flexibility! I’ve been able to find a balance between working and being a stay at home mom that isn’t possible with other professional jobs. For years, when we first opened, Rich and I were able to be extremely present with his son during our time with him and then when our first daughter came along, I could be home or at the office with them. When we moved to KC, I could stay home with all 3 and manage the 2 practices. Now with covid, I can be home with 1 or 3 when I need to. I can see patients when I want to. And, I can work on everything Lifestyle Practice Builders when I want to. It’s a lot to balance, and maybe not for everyone, but it’s perfect for me!

9 - Being Me

There are tons of people working their 9-5 that would kill for no cubicle and to wear whatever they want. Some of you might have to wear a uniform, but one day you’ll decide that for yourself. We’ve pretty much worn whatever we wanted since day 1. One day at the office, I’ll be in yoga pants and a logo shirt and another day I'm in jeans and a blouse. I love that flexibility to just be me and comfortable in whatever I choose.

Thankful for All Chiropractors

Rich and I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for taking your time to listen to the podcast, trusting us as your guides...purchasing the ChiroPlanner, joining us inside the foundation, using The Ideal Associate course to find the associate job of your dreams, and The ROF System to gain confidence and grow your practice and influence in your communities. I love when you vote on our polls on Instagram, comment on our posts, send me a DM, and especially when you leave a review on itunes. I appreciate where you’re all at, whether you’re a student, associate, or practice owner. We want you all to succeed!

Checkout The Resources

I’m going to take the rest of this week off to be with family. If you haven’t downloaded the 5 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Practice eBook, download that today at If that’s not the right resource for you then visit our site and find one that is. There are several more there, as well as blogs to help you along your journey! 

What's Your Vision for 2021?

Enjoy your family this week. If you’re on a road trip, listen to more episodes and take some time setting your vision for 2021. We hope you have an awesome week!

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