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#152: What Should I Do After Graduation? A Conversation with Chiropractic Student, Josh Glasmann - Part 2

Josh Glasmann, a chiropractic student at Logan University(who owns a ChiroPlanner!), continues to ask me more questions about transitioning from student to Chiropractor. I want to thank him! He asks great questions, and you all will gain some great insights from everything we talk about- working with a spouse, starting a practice with a family, aspects of buying a practice, aspects of startup, communication. We touch on several topics relevant to students, soon to be graduates, and those in their first years of chiropractic practice. Here are some of the questions answered in the chiropractic podcast episode:

  • What's the best way to involve your spouse and family in practice and life to maintain both a business and family relationship?
  • If my spouse wants to be involved in the business, what would be the best way to do so, especially for a spouse who is not a DC? (I have a follow up question for this I'd like to ask, but I'll go ahead and list it here) Follow up- Would it be more beneficial for a non-DC spouse to have a business background or a form of supplemental treatment background, like nutrition, and how much education would be best for those directions?
  • What's your best advice for spouses working together, whether they're both DCs or not?
  • How do you resolve your differences or disagreements, clinical or personal?
  • If I have the means to open a practice, but have some hesitations regarding business running and/or clinical preparedness, what do you recommend?

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