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My Favorite Way to Find New Chiropractic Patients

Finding New Chiropractic Patients (Spotify | iTunes)

In today's bonus burst episode #149, Chiropractor & Lifestyle Practice Builder co-host Haley Day, DC, explains her favorite way to find new chiropractic patients. Being in practice the past 11+ years she's learned lots of ways to find new patients, but this one is her absolute favorite! It's no secret that if you can build a better practice, then you'll create a better life.

Chiropractic Marketing to Find New Patients

I think we can all agree that there's amount fo burnout that goes along with marketing to find new patients to bring into the practice. Between the networking events, in-house marketing systems, emails, social media, website development, etc...we all need a break from that! So in today's episode I talk about finding new patients by doing something for yourself. When we lived in Colorado I signed up to taking an expensive sewing course, haha, I know that might not be your cup of tea either...but I signed up to do something different. We were getting ready to have our first daughter, and I thought it would be fund to make her a blanket or curtains for her room. Anyway, after being in the class 3 hours, 1 time a week, for 8 or 12 weeks, I made several new friends and brought in 10x what I had spent on the class. The new patients also Want to learn more about The ROF System? Visit and learn how increasing your confidence, communication, and office systems will create a referral practice that builds itself!


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