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#142: Chiropractic Student Loan and Money Saving Tips with Chiropractor Haley Day

Graduating with Money gave me FREEDOM!

Listen to today's podcast with Lifestyle Practice Builders co-host, Chiropractor, Dr. Haley Day. When you graduate with your Chiropractic degree, and you’re ready to go out into the world to be a CHIROPRACTOR, you are going to want to have as much money in the bank as you can and have as little debt as possible. Maybe this sounds impossible to you. It’s not, and that's what Haley talks about today!

You do not have to graduate with more than $250,000 in Chiropractic student loans. Haley tells you exactly what Chiropractic student loan hacks she personally used to be able to graduate with a little over a $100,000 in student loan debt and over $50,000 in the bank, with no help from her parents or spouse! It is absolutely possible to graduate with money in the bank, with enough money to start your practice, and without having to borrow extra grad plus loans or business loans, which typically have much higher interest rates. Graduating with less debt gave her the freedom to make better choices for herself and her family's future.

Depending on your plans after school, you will more than likely need money in the bank to cover your living expenses, plus any money you will need to launch your practice. If you are going to find a job as a Chiropractic Associate after graduation then you won’t need as much money, however, you will soon see how these Chiropractic student loan hacks can still help you too. Several of these tips will not only put you ahead financially, but also ahead in your career. Making smart long-term, strategic financial decisions like these can put you leaps and bounds ahead of your peers and decrease the amount of stress you will feel for years as you repay your loans. Download our Savings Checklist & Budget Worksheets!

So where should you start?

Start by reading this blog post! Once you read the blog post, then download our Savings Checklist & Budget Worksheets! Once you have the savings checklist, sit down with your spouse/partner, if you have one, and go through it. What expenses can you eliminate? Next, look at the budget worksheets. Set a budget for living expenses and a budget for business expenses. This will help you decide how much money you need to save or make in order to start your practice, live, and survive through the first year and beyond. 

Develop Your Plan for After Graduation?

Sense recording this podcast episode, we've developed a program specifically for students. If you're wondering about your plan after graduation, and thinking about the financial decisions ahead, then learn more about how you can get a SMART START, listen to podcast episode 194! Listen now on Spotify | iTunes. The Smart Start program walks you through your options after graduation, the top things you'll need to think about to make your personal decision, and the money management tools necessary to get you started! Get a SMART START today! Stating now will put you steps ahead of others!

Learn about Student Loan Tutor

If student loans are holding you back, then contact Student Loan Tutor today! Setting up a consultation with them will give you peace of mind about your finances and your future! Want to learn more about them, listen to podcast episode 195 with Student Loan Tutor founder, Zach Geist! Listen now on Spotify | iTunes. Then setup your consultation with them by filling out THIS FORM!

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