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#139: Starting and Growing a Chiropractic Office with She Slays the Day host, Lauryn Brunclik, D.C.

On today's podcast, I interview Chiropractor, and She Slays the Day podcast host, Lauryn Brunclik, D.C.. Listen and learn the steps she took after Chiropractic graduation in order to have two thriving practices in small town Wisconsin. 

If you are a chiropractic student, chiropractic associate, or practicing chiropractor looking to grow a practice then this is a must listen episode from Lifestyle Practice Builders. Haley & Lauryn dive deep on everything marketing and growing a chiropractic practice.

Dr. Lauryn Brunclik is a hold-nothing back kind of woman, who finds passion in her life encouraging and guiding other women to live out their entrepreneurial spirit. She’s married to her non-chiro husband, Kirby, and they're raising 2 amazing young girls in Northwest Wisconsin.

This is Lauryn’s 10th year in practice as she also  juggles 2 clinics, a non-profit, mommying, and her successful podcast "She Slays the Day" for female chiropractors, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. She's obsessed with the enneagram, claims she's missing the "mom gene", has strong faith and spirituality, but swears a little, and likely had undiagnosed ADHD- but she promises to try and stay on topic and not offend anyone.

I first met Lauryn when she asked me to be on her podcast to talk about working with my chiropractor spouse. You can listen to that episode on her podcast She Slays the Day, episode #37. I appreciate that Lauryn and I have differing thoughts on marketing, practice and life. If you want to hear how she went from Chiropractic school to owning two practices, and now a podcast and online masterclass, then give this episode a listen!

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