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#137: A Unique Way to Market & Build your Practice with Kate Antoniotti, DC

Haley Day talks with Chiropractor, Kate Anotoniotti. Kate and her husband own Antoniotti Chiropractic in Kalamazoo, Michigan and she is the Founder of MamaCore Method. Today, Kate shares with us how her personal experience lead her to creating her own community which has become a resource for patient education and community building in ways she could have never imagined. With the unique way she builds and markets her practice, she’s got so many tokens of wisdom for new Chiropractors, Chiropractors stuck in practice, and Chiropractors working with or planning to work with spouses….so thank you for hanging with us and giving it a listen!

If you are a chiropractic student, chiropractic associate, or practicing chiropractor looking to buy or sell a practice then this is a must listen episode from Lifestyle Practice Builders. Haley and Kate dive deep on everything you need to know about practice startup, working with a spouse, and the unique way Kate markets her niche practice.  

Kate was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her parents are British, both hail from a small town outside of Manchester, England. They moved to the UK, and then the US when she was young; and managed to live in four states before settling in Hudson, Ohio – where she attended high school.

Although she moved a lot, the one constant in her life was soccer. She loved the game, and was fortunate enough to be selected as an All-American in high school. She then accepted a scholarship to Miami University to continue playing for their varsity women’s soccer team.

She has always been interested in health, fitness, and human potential. After going through her own personal health struggles in college, she became passionate about holistic and preventative healthcare. This led her to pursue a B.Sc. degree in Exercise Science & Kinesiology- with the ultimate goal of becoming a Chiropractor.

After graduating from Miami University, she moved to St. Louis, Missouri to attend Logan College of Chiropractic, where she earned her D.C. degree. While at Logan, she did additional studies in nutrition, pediatrics, and women’s health. It was during her four years in St. Louis, where she also discovered her love for yoga, and eventually became a yoga teacher (200-RYT).

Intertwined within her college and chiropractic school experience is her love story with her husband, Steve. They always dreamed of practicing together, and are thrilled to live that dream in Kalamazoo, MI.

They welcomed their son, Leo, to the world in March 2016. And then in October 2018 they welcomed their daughter, Rose, to the family. Becoming a mom was a defining moment in her life, both personally and professionally.

With her background in chiropractic, yoga, nutrition, pediatrics and women’s health – she focused her practice to specifically address the needs of Moms. She deeply cares about the health and wellbeing of her children, and she strongly believes that we need healthy Moms in order to have healthy kids.

By directing her focus on pregnancy chiropractic care, post-partum wellness, and pediatric chiropractic – she's hopeful that she's doing her part in improving the health of her community.

When Kate's not in the office, she enjoys being home with her family. You can also find her: teaching MamaCore classes to local mamas, taking Leo & Rose on walks, and finding her own space/time to exercise! She's a student of life, and loves attending seminars and workshops on topics related to her work, as well as anything in the scope of personal development and performance.

Speaking to Kate and listening back through the episode is inspiring an many levels. She lives and practices with integrity, utilizing many resources to keep her on her own success path. Thanks for listening!

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